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Week 12: I want to take a look at the future

30 May

Interesting week it was: the last day’s of the elections, Summer Deejays, work and a nice weekend. The end of last week was a bit chaotic, maybe because it did not follow my always perfectly planned schedule or maybe there was just something in the air. Either way it resulted in me not being able […]

Week 12: Task 23 & 24

24 May

* This week, change as many ‘I must’, or ‘I have to’ into ‘I want’. Write down the effects of it. ** Dream about who you are: who do you want to be in 10 years? Think of three steps in that direction. Ha, my new tasks. As I said yesterday, I really hoped these […]

Task 19 & 20: The naked truth…

22 May

Another week has past in the life of me. And of course a very exiting week! As I said last week, I dared to sent in the manuscript of my book! Unfortunately it is in Dutch so I will not talk about it to much here. But the very big and exiting news is that: […]

Week 11: Task 21 & 22

16 May

* This week give a task you normally always do yourself to someone else. ** Try to make contact with someone from a different culture or color. Okey, this morning I thought: ‘Let’s try a new look: drowned cat’. I think I managed it quite well, if you are interested, this is what you need […]

Task 19 & 20: Dare to say ‘no’

15 May

Okey, a very very exiting week that was. Besides the fact that everything is a bit confusing again because of all the free days this week was really awesome. Different things made me conclude that this week definitely deserves a 9. Which is the highest grade I have given so far. I did some difficult […]