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week 16 & 17:

27 Jun

Week 16: As you all have noticed. I keep finding it difficult to get back in the rhythm of posting something every Wednesday and Thursday. I do not really know why that is the case. Maybe because I am trying to do so many different things that I found it hard to focus. I still […]

Discover the creativity within yourself

19 Jun

Hey everyone, A week has past and no worries, my positivity has completely returned. My new manuscript has been accepted and the expected release date of my book is the 26 of July. This makes me very very happy! Besides being incredibly creative of course I have started to prepare my departure to London! And […]

Several Tasks:
“What on earth happened?”

14 Jun

Hear me! I returned from my solitude. For those who noticed, I have returned on the web and among the living. I hereby apologize for my absence the past week-and-a-half. You might wonder what happened. Well, first of all I allowed myself one week of holiday last week. Second, I had a deadline today for […]

Week 13: In need of a positive message

6 Jun

Week 13. I do not actually believe in the number 13 being bad luck. In fact one of the first people I ever called friend was born on Friday the 13th of February and since then this day could not be bad luck for me anymore. Funny, because in general I am a believer in […]

Week 13: Task 25 & 26

1 Jun

*Hold back your criticism and turn them into a positive message **Buy a notebook and plan your work every day of the week. Follow a scheme. Yes, well, a day too late, actually two now. Not so cool. It has been some busy days. I send out around 1500 letters, in two days. It is […]