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My first Theory – looking back four months

23 Jul

my first theory of happiness

Hey everyone, I know, an unexpected post from me. I said I wouldn’t write about my tasks for two weeks because of the vacation and everyone including me is way too busy with everything. But now I am sitting in my window and I thought by myself, why do I not take the time for […]

Week 19: move move move, ready to start moving?

18 Jul

my first theory of happiness

Hey you guys! How are you all doing, Sorry you haven’t heard anything from me for two weeks. I will tell you now I have decided something. Over the summer I will only post every two weeks. It is just too difficult keeping it up while being away, trying to find a new place in […]

Opinions and diaries

5 Jul

Hallo everyone, Time is flying by, all of a sudden it was Friday and I had totally forgotten to write a post. Yes, holidays make stuff like that a little more difficult. Somehow all the days are twisted within each other and you can keep track anymore. Even though I do not have holidays yet, […]