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26 Apr

Hello everyone!

So even though my other tasks were not successfully fulfilled yet, I did already pick my next card since I do not want to fall behind on schedule. So this week a little more posts then usual since you are also still going to read about how I fulfilled the last two tasks. But first, let’s hear some thoughts on these new tasks:

Task 15:

*Cook this week something else or for other people then you usually do.

I just simply love this task since I love love love cooking. It really does not matter if I have to stand in the kitchen for 5 hours to prepare six different tapas, or if I can make a three-dinner course for a bunch of friends. I love it all! I already had the pleasure of most of my friends coming over for dinner at one time or another. Most of them know I love to cook. So for this week I will just make something new for a change. I do have some recipes I always wanted to try out, so I am going to use this opportunity to make something I never made before. I will tell you what I cooked next week, because I first have to make sure it also tastes delicious! Haha, so, if you are hungry, enjoy next weeks post.

 Oh, and if you have some nice recipes, please share them with me!

Task 16:

**Try to remember your dreams and write them down immediately. Keep a dream diary.

This task is going to be an extra challenge, I am pretty sure. A friend of mine wrote this article on lucid dreaming. This means that while you are dreaming you are aware of it and therefore can control what you are doing. Since you are dreaming, you can do anything! You can use his lucid dream guide to try it for yourself! It is really cool, I managed to do it once and actually remember it :). I made all my stuff fly around just by moving my hands. So great! Haha, well anyway. He said before doing anything you have to make sure to remember your dreams. So, then I started to keep a dream diary but I think I never wrote more then two dreams in it. So now it get’s another chance! My diary must be happy because now it is just lying on the table next to my bed catching dust. So, this is the task, I’ll try to remember. I have no clue what I dreamt of last night but I am deciding that I will remember some more dreams now! Do you want to join me? Oh, one thing, no matter how honest I am about this blog, I am not going to write down all my dreams for you ;). That would just put me in a really weird position, besides the fact that it would take ages. But maybe I chose a nice or crazy one every once in a while to share with you. Who knows, depends on what I remember!

I wish you a great weekend!



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