Theories of Happiness

Theories of Happiness

Probably you have met some of those people who always seem happy, no matter what life throws at them. Do you ever wonder how they do that? Research shows we can influence our own happiness for up to 40%! Scientists actually created 104 tasks to increase our happiness. Now of course an important question is:

 do they work?

On this blog you can read how I test every single task and the effect that it has had on me. This way I want to encourage you to pick your favourite exercises without needing to try them all so you can find out what effect it has on you.

Easy tasks to be happier in every day life!

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What makes us happy?

Nancy Etcoff a cognitive research and instructor of “The Science of Happiness” at Harvard Medical School tells us that the pursuit of happiness is obligatory. We are driven to search for happiness just as much as we are driven to eat and to have sex. What is funny however, is that the scientific community only recently started to look into the question: “What is it that makes us happy?”

The World Box of Happiness

Leo Bormans and his colleagues bundled a hundred studies of happiness into one extraordinary book: “The World Book of Happiness“. This book led to the creation of “The World Box of Happiness”. This box contains 52 cards, each presenting two tasks to increase our happiness. Some tasks are more difficult, whereas others might be really easy to fulfil. Nonetheless I will try my best to fulfil them all and inform you about my experiences here. So you can pick whichever task might suit you without needing to try them all! I hope you’ll enjoy!

With special thanks to Leo Bormans for encouraging me to blog about the box of happiness.

Something for you?

Throughout this website you will find these boxes in most of my posts. Here I evaluate the tasks I have fulfilled, give tips and discuss in how far this task might be something you would like to try. Look out for them since they are designed especially for you!

Please let me know what you think about this project in the comments below and make sure you check out the featured posts to your right. Be healthy, be happy and have a great day.

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