Appreciation and Coincidences

28 Mar

Namasté everyone!

So again a new week, I can’t believe I am already starting my fourth week. Time is flying by and I am flying with it :D. Okay, enough cheesy talk. I do wish you all a great Easter and I hope you are going to have a good time. Just some little information in between, I am going to paint some eggs and distribute them randomly in the city of Maastricht for some strangers to find. Maybe I can make a smile appear on someone’s face, that would be nice!

Task 7:

* This week tell someone who you appreciate open and honest why this is the case.

Okay, I am going to tell people why I appreciate them! I love this task. I will not stop after just one person, let’s see how many people I can tell that I appreciate them. I think everybody has qualities that can be appreciated and by pointing them out I may give them a little boost. I just got a really nice complement yesterday and some days before that. I try to pay more attention to them and be grateful for them every time. Let’s share some very sweet story:

I was walking home the other day and there was this guy with a bike turning circles on the road and looking around like he did not know where to go. He looked at me and I asked: “Can I help you?” he answered: “yes?” because he did not understand what I had said. So I asked: “are you lost?” he said: “No, thank you, I was just smiling at you”.

Well I would say, totally cute. And I know I am being a total girl right now but that was a little cute cheesy movie moment right there. I still have to smile when I think about it and I think it was a real nice compliment.

I want to see if I can find people and tell them how much I appreciate them so that maybe they think back at that moment and smile because of the compliment.

Task 8:

** Think back about three experiences that happened to you once by coincidence and explain why they weren’t coincidences.

This task is difficult and I do not know if I can fulfill it nor if I haven’t fulfilled it already. I will say this now very honestly: I am one of those people who does not believe in coincidence. I believe everything happens for a reason, I believe everything happens to make us stronger and to teach us something. I believe only things happen to us that we can handle and deal with. You can learn from anything as long as you are willing to face the lesson. I know some of you might not understand this and some of you might totally disagree with me. But it is kind of like my religion to me, at least it is what I believe in. And you cannot really argue with that. Believe and faith in whatever is not rational. Which fits I guess, since we psychologists believe people aren’t rational either and one of the most important if not the most important aspect of life is the most irrational of all, which is love. So, I continue in my belief that everything happens for a reason to teach us something and to challenge us so that we can become the best version of ourselves.

So I do not have any situation of which I would say: ‘that was totally coincidence’. Because even if I cannot see the reason behind this situation happening and maybe will never find the reason, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. It even doesn’t mean that I did not learn from it. So I would argue, this task is already fulfilled in my life.

I know a very debatable topic: tell me what do you think? Or invite me to a coffee and we can discuss it for hours, which I am sure is possible, and will teach us both something :).

Lots of love to all of you! And a very happy Easter!



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