Card 21: Banks & Confrontation

11 Oct

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Hello lovely readers!

I have been out for a week searching for my card. No worries I actually did find it again! It was in the book I bought for the ‘borrow a book of a new field of interest’-task. However, before I explain my new tasks let’s start with an, in the mean time traditional, Living in London Anecdote:

Living in London Anecdote

So since I have been living here now for two months, (already? Yes I know!) I thought it might be time to open a bank account. To be fair I thought this already in the first week, but you need proof of address, which took ages. Then I went there about three weeks ago and filled out all these forms, and after a week or so they send me a letter back stating my identity could not be proven and if I wanted to come back in. So in the meantime we are right at this point where I am writing this post.

I will help you a bit in explaining what you need if you are trying to open a bank account. First of all you need a document to proof your identity (yeah, a passport. That was also a reason why it took so long because the Dutch embassy made a mistake on my new passport so I had to wait another week or so before I got my second new passport. But enough about that).

Second of all, you need two independent documents that proof your current address. Okay, does not sound to difficult right? You just take your contract with the landlord/agency and it shouldn’t be any problem right? Well wrong! Apparently the contract that legally binds me to the property I am living in, is not enough proof that I am living here. The only thing that is, is a bill delivered to this address with my name on it (water, gas, electricity and council tax will do the trick). Funny thing is this women in this other bank told me to just ask some friends to let them put my name on the bill, apparently that is possible. So huh? I really don’t get it. But since I am such a great and honest citizen, I waited until I got my bills and went to a bank. As I stated before I filled out some forms and a week or so later I got a letter that something went wrong with proving my identity. ‘The name on the bill is not the same as the name on my proof of identity’. I looked over the bills and saw that one said: ‘Miss Sloet van Oldruitendorgh’ instead of ‘Miss Sloet van Oldruitenborgh’. Crucial mistake, I mean this ‘Sloet van Oldruitendorgh’ person is definitely someone completely different than myself and it is obvious that I have forced to send her bills to my place and I am steeling her identity by trying to open this bank account. But yeah, those are the rules, okay, okay, no worries, I’ll go back to the bank again with three different bills that have my name on it 100% correctly and there shouldn’t be any further problems right? Well, guess what: wrong again!

Third of all, your passport needs to say exactly the same as your proof of address. Yeah, okay we got that. So what is the problem? Well, one of my great great great grand dads did something awesome back in the days and the Kingdom of the Netherlands made him a baron for it. And as his faithful descendant who doesn’t even know what he did this makes me a baroness. (I looked it up, it is truly called a baroness). Besides the fact that it is completely useless to have a title now a days, people are sometimes somehow still impressed by it. So the only thing you can actually do with it, is brag about it. Well in the Netherlands your title is actually stated in your passport. But because only such a view of us still exist there isn’t a special place that states ‘Title:’ but they put it in front of your last name. So in my passport it says: ‘Last name: Barones Sloet van Oldruitenborgh’. Now guess what. That is not exactly the same as what is stated on my bills. Now first of all it is not stated there because obviously I do not let them address me as such. Second of all it cannot even be stated there even if I wanted to because then the whole system goes berserk (because my name is to long, or because simply there isn’t any slot for titles). So after explaining this lady about 10 minutes that it is just a title and doesn’t belong to my name and therefore the name on the two documents are identical this fine lady explained me that if it is not a 100% identical they cannot offer me a bank account. Okay, wait, WHAT? When I then asked why they couldn’t have said that 3 weeks ago and saved me the trouble, she couldn’t answer me that.

Now let’s have a look at the tasks of card 21:

* From now on, eat every day at least one piece of fruit

** These weeks, discuss a problem with someone, which you both have been ignoring for quite a while.

Okay, interesting tasks. I must admit even though I know that eating fruit is healthy and we should all eat at least two pieces a day, I do caught myself on eating far too less fruit. So this is a very good task for me, which I started of by eating an apple :).

This second task is very difficult for me. Mostly because I usually do talk about the problems I have with people, but if I don’t then because I truly find it very difficult. So now it makes me face those problems I have been ignoring and of which I pretend they aren’t there or they are not bothering me. I know exactly with whom I need to talk, but for the sake of our friendship as well as not wanting to expose him or her I will not go in further detail. Pffff, looks like some tough weeks.

Hope you are all doing great!

Lot’s of love from London,



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