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Nothing to do with pets

23 Jan

Sooooo, here we go again! (Two hours later: Okay, that actually totally failed cause my friend started texting me. So let’s start again: Two weeks have past since the fruitful problems post, here a small update on life: It is a total mad house at work! (Am I allowed to say that since I work at […]

Card 22: Fruitful Problems

9 Jan

Fruity Problems

Finally back to writing! Well, that is not entirely true, let’s say back to blogging. Behind the scenes the writing never stops. Not only have I been writing on my new book as I promised to do in Task 4, I have also been writing poems and my application for the Master program in Applied […]

New Year, Old Project:
Back to the Tasks!

6 Jan

Happy New Year! May you feel love for everyone, May you be patient with and take care of yourself, May you have the strength to be honest, And may you have faith that everything turns out right, Then happiness and harmony will follow on their own. It is going to be a beautiful year, enjoy […]

Card 21: Banks & Confrontation

11 Oct

Hello lovely readers! I have been out for a week searching for my card. No worries I actually did find it again! It was in the book I bought for the ‘borrow a book of a new field of interest’-task. However, before I explain my new tasks let’s start with an, in the mean time […]

What? Who? Where have you been writing? – Card 20

3 Oct

Okay okay, time to do some writing! I know it has been wayyyyy to long. I don’t know what happened, or what is happening. Seems like I cannot keep up with myself anymore. Time is flying by and my brain just doesn’t believe it goes so fast. It is very much convinced we are still […]