Card 19:
Finally back to the tasks!

12 Sep

my first theory of happiness
Hi everyone! How have you been doing?

So, since yesterday the eleventh of September I officially have been living in London for four weeks. Four weeks. It’s a strange thing time. It feels much longer than that when I down some of the already familiar streets. As if I have never been anywhere else, as if all the information and experiences London is bringing me is replacing all my knowledge of the previous cities I lived in. It is as if with every new day I open my eyes here and a little bit of Maastricht slips away to a far corner of my head, leaving me only with some great ‘remember when’ memories.

How it has come that I feel at home so quickly in this city that is so incredibly huge that I can never ever know it as well as Maastricht, since there will always be something new to discover, I do not quite know. What definitely helps though, is a general attitude that surrounds the British and which is so infectious that most people coming in contact with it are consumed by this attitude themselves. Now what is this attitude I am talking about? I think it is what most people refer to as ‘The British Humor’. But it is so much more than just humor alone: it is a lifestyle. These two men were at my house the other day to make a quote about the restoration of my shower. They told me ‘Don’t take us too seriously, we are just taking the piss on you.’ Taking the piss, as harsh as it might sound, it just means they are having a bit of fun with you. And as much as they like to take the piss on anything and everyone, they enjoy it even more to take the piss on themselves. By constantly doing this they developed an attitude of enjoying life and especially not taking everything so seriously. They are making fun about themselves, what they do and anyone involved in that. And I simply adore it. I hope most sincerely that this lifestyle can infiltrate my hearth and head long enough to settle down there so fundamentally that it becomes a part of the core me. Helping me to enjoy life to the fullest and to look upon each challenge with a smile and the reassurance that it isn’t as bad as it looks and it will surely turn out fine. And even if not, I am sure I’ll survive and better to do that with some laughter and a smile. This is definitely the thing that contributes mostly in me feeling at home and always end up enjoying life and walk around with a sincere smile whenever I leave the house.

Now, to the tasks I have so vividly ignored in my last posts. Between everything else sticking to these tasks was not the easiest thing t do but I tried.

Card 19 (I can’t really say week anymore, since obviously I have skipped some of those)

Task 37:

These weeks, make time to just listen to your favorite music for an hour.

Okey, coming back to not taking yourself too seriously, I will make an honest confession here. As some of you have witnessed ant others have even took part in (I won’t mention names to safe them the embarrassment I am about to bring upon myself). I love to turn up my music loudly, dance and sing out loud in the middle of my room. Now to get rid of any illusions you might have: I am a horrible singer, I can absolutely not sing, I cannot hit one note. My former housemate who was studying at the conservatorium (music school) told me I had an exceptional talent for hitting exactly half a note under the note I was suppose to hit. Now this is not the embarrassing part of this confession, first of all it is widely known that I cannot sing and secondly I cannot really help it.

Nooooo…… My confession is about the music I sing to in those glamorous moments. They range from girl-cheese to very simple you-do-not-actually-listen-to-that type of music. Yes it ranges from all the Disney songs, to Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Soundtracks of Shrek and Wicked, a bunch of Glee songs and at the moment I am particularly stuck on the latest album of Kelly Clarkson ‘Stronger’. On my very first living-room concert in my new home, however, I chose for the good old time ABBA. I danced and sang and danced some more at least for an hour not even under the pretense to clean the apartment (Which is what I normally do). And the best thing is, I loved it, I enjoyed it so much I think it should become a weekly routine. (I do need to discuss that which my housemate ;). So, that is why I openly and totally honest confess to this, here in today’s post.

Task 38:

Move, from now on every day, at least for half an hour, go biking, walking, jogging, strolling…

No embarrassing story here. I am even proud of the biking skills I have acquired here over the last couple of weeks. I am now completely capable of biking on the left side of the road without getting myself killed. Yeah! So proud, so proud! I have been walking around here so much, absorbing the city and doing some sight-seeing I pass the criteria of moving at least half an hour each day at least six times per day. Combining this with the job in a restaurant I found here I am one big moving warble wind. (I should watch out with that, I do not ant to spill anything.) I actually just had a peaceful stroll in Hyde Park for the second time now, since it is on my way to the Dutch Embassy. And I love to walk on Bishop Gate from Liverpool Station where I work at the City Psychology Group, down the road to Leaden Hall. This place is absolutely lovely! It is the perfect combination of old English Pubs and special delicious stores focusing on cheese, wine or whiskeys. I know exactly who to bring here if they come to visit.

So much to my last tasks. Here are the once for this week:

Card 20, Tasks 39 & 40:

*Go to the library and borrow a book from a new field of interest.

** Make sure it always smells nicely in your house.

Well these tasks are for sure very fitting. I just ordered a book on amazon about Buddhism, a recommendation of a friend. Since I do not know much about Buddhism I would say this definitely is a new field of interest for me. Next to that I love it to make the house smell nice. The first thing I did here was to buy two oil burners, for the living room and my bedroom to make sure it would always smell nice. So these tasks will not be too difficult for this week. Which is a good thing since I started both my jobs this week and I am making very interesting but long days. I’ll let you know all about it, next week.

Keep me updated about what is going on in your life! Please comment and do let me know when you will come to visit ;).


Lot’s of love,


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