Change The Way You Go

8 May

Good afternoon dear readers!

This week did not go by as quickly as all the ones before, however, it was quite a mess I must say. All these free days get me off my schedule resulting in never really knowing which day of the week it is. I started wishing people a nice weekend last Wednesday and messed up some other stuff too. At least I still showed up for work and did not mess that up! Besides that it has been a great week. I say I give it a 8. We had a peace project at the liberation festival at Roermond, which was a lot of work and caused a lot of stress. But it was also a lot of fun with really nice people! Next to that I am still being productive and don’t postpone as much, resulting in finishing half of my thesis! YES!! Maybe I should keep it a little more quite since I am freaking people out with it. Well, I’ll keep quite and start looking for a job and a place to stay after the summer. Now, let’s have a look at the tasks in itself. I must admit this week was the least challenging week until now:

* This week take a different route, or travel by other means then you usually do to an everyday destination. Enjoy it.

** Listen actively: look at the speaker’s lips, nod to confirm and from now on regularly summarize out lout what the other person exactly means according to you.

Change the way you go

I think I biked a different way to university every day. But there is not that much variation possible. I took three different bridges, two different streets leaving my house and two or three different ways from the bridges to university. It was not that exciting although I loved biking alongside the Maas because the weather was so great. So I think I will keep that up. I haven’t really been to the supermarket I normally go to so I could not take a different route yet, but I will go later today and try it. I will keep this in mind though when I move to a different city. I will try to find as many routes as possible to get where I need to go. I will most probably get lost a couple of times but maybe exactly that is the reason for discovering new and lovely places. Well, let’s first move and then I’ll see where my feet take me :).

Something for you?

If you have a habit of always walking to university or work the same way this task is definitely something for you! Try it out, trow in some variation, who knows where you’ll end up 🙂

Stop talking, just listen

Yes, this task. I still think it is funny. I tried doing it, but as soon as people start talking I actually try to listen so I forget about how exactly I should do that. Which I think is a good sign since this means I pay attention to the person I am listening to. In many cases active listening is not that easy to apply though. I walk around a lot when I talk to people, just because I like to move while having a conversation. It’s an old habit of walking around the school grounds during the breaks, to make sure no one would overhear our private conversations. Back then we still believed the world would collapse if anyone would hear the topics we talked about. I kind of got over that idea but the habit stayed. Anyway, looking at someone’s lips while walking around with them get’s a bit weird and awkward. I am also pretty sure I will trip over my own feet and of the person I am trying to listen to when I start doing that. So, no lip-looking when listening and walking around at the same time.

When sitting and listening, I must say I still find it relatively distracting to focus so much on how I am listening to the person. I also don’t think that was the purpose of this task. Next to this most people I talked to stated I already listen quite well. So, I do my best and I will make sure I do pay attention to the people I listen to, but may not totally in this way. I now make sure my phone is off when I meet with people to not get distracted and to not do many other things at the same time. Focus on one particular thing at a time really helps to listen better. So I am more aware of how I listen to people and make sure I pay attention, which I think was the purpose of this task.

Something for you?

Doing this task, I have notice that summarising what people say does improve the conversation and is appreciated by the person you are talking to. It certainly helps if you want to make your smalltalk conversations more successful. It might also be good when meeting people for the first time. Just try it out and see what you think. It might be more helpful to you than it was to me 🙂

A small update about my other tasks:
  • Task 4: Change three things in the upcoming three months:
    • Go do sports 3 times a week: yeah, all these days off, I just did it twice. However, I did start jogging, which I think is a plus!
    • Feel confident towards men: working out pretty well! I talked to strangers and went out so that was al really nice.
    • Write my book: Still did not do that, but I did write 4700 words for my thesis. So when that is done, and I have found a job and a room I can start writing.
  • Task 6:
    • Listen to two people you normally do not listen to: still haven’t done that… 🙁 bad me!
  • Task 10:
    • grade your week: did that above! Check!
  • Task 12:
    • Show, act and believe that love is easy: Love just is. Working on it, getting there :)!

So, that was it for this week. Looking forward to the tasks of tomorrow!

Have a great lovely day!


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