Dare To Care

9 May


I had to smile so much when I read the tasks below. They just seem to be perfect for me at this given moment. Some of my friends already know but I decided to move to London this summer. Instead of staying in Maastricht and working here, I discovered I am ready for a new challenge. I did my fair share of activities in Maastricht and for the University and although I would never say I did everything Maastricht has to over, I do think it is time for me to move on. But of course, new adventures and new challenges come with some scary details. Which is why this fits perfectly.

Task 19:

* Dare to do two (little) things, that you normally do not dare to do.

The little things I don’t use to dare. Well, especially concerning London I think this fits. Finding a new place to live, giving up my lovely room here, finding a job, stopping my insurance, finding a new one, diving into this whole new huge city where I don’t know anyone, that is all kinda scary. But I love it!! Ready for the new challenge, I am going to step over the things that hold me back so I will dare what I didn’t use to dare! Who is with me?!?!

Task 20:

** From now on, just say no if you do not want to do something, without explanation or feeling guilty.

In general I do not like the word ‘no’. It is negative, talks about limitations and all that stuff that I try to avoid. But, my past experiences have thought me that saying ‘no’ is something also important to do. Saying ‘no’ is important when others are crossing lines that they should not cross. In these cases it is crucial to say ‘no’ because otherwise you end up losing yourself. People try to do that quite often; they might not even realize that they do it. Paying attention to what we want and what we do not want is very important. Saying ‘no’ to what we do not want is crucial to stay true to yourself. So saying no it is, and I already know who is going to be the first person I say ‘no’ to.

I went out with this guy last week. He was really nice, we had a good evening and a nice night. I enjoyed it and I thought I wanted to see him again. The next morning however, I went over our night again and I realized that even though I had a good time, the feeling wasn’t there. There was no spark or something, it was just off, so I decided I did not want to go out with him again. That was all not a real problem, until he texted that he is looking forward to seeing me again. I immediately felt guilty. Still do, cause I haven’t texted him back yet. So, now perfect for this task: I am going to text him back that I do not want to go out with him again, without feeling guilty. Pfff, this is going to be a new step and a bit difficult. The fact that he is really a great guy and did not do anything wrong makes it even more difficult. But, listen to my feelings, say no! Here we go!

Wish you all a great week, enjoy the holiday!!




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