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19 Jun

What on earth happened

Hey everyone,

A week has past and no worries, my positivity has completely returned. My new manuscript has been accepted and the expected release date of my book is the 26 of July. This makes me very very happy! Besides being incredibly creative of course I have started to prepare my departure to London! And I must say, I really really really look forward to this new city with all it’s new adventures. Here I am ending contracts and organizing my goodbye party. This makes the fact that I am truly leaving Maastricht very real. What I will miss very much is sitting in my window like I am doing now, looking out on the old streets of Maastricht and watch how lost tourist trying to find there way. It is funny how most of these lost tourists ask me how to get to the ‘onze lieve vrouwe plein’, which is literally at the end of one of the streets. Somehow I will miss that. When sitting in my window looking out at the city I feel part of it, while at the same time it feels like I am sitting in my own little world where no one can enter. It is very nice and peaceful, while still being part of it all.

Anyway, this week get’s a 7. Because it has just been a nice easy week. Let’s have a look at my tasks 🙂

Task 29 & 30:

Make a birthday-calendar of all your friends. From now on send them a personal birthday card every year.


Think about possible new hobbies and pick one of them. Start practicing that. Or pick back up an old hobby.

This week I ended up doing both tasks at the same time. See I really like to work with paper and glue and carton. So I ended up making a birthday-calendar from scratch. I must say, it takes much longer then I had expected. That is also the reason why it is not done yes. But as soon as I have finished it I will put pictures online. Since you of course should be able to check what nice things I have done 🙂

I promise to do that soon. I am going to leave it at that for today. Have a look at the facebook page to see the pictures 🙂 Oh and as soon as this is finished I will also pick up another hobby again. However, I learned to do one project at a time, so I will first finish the calendar 🙂


Enjoy the very lovely weather and find something creative as well, it is really nice and relaxing!

Lot’s of love,


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