Enjoy a motivational speech!

28 Apr

Hello Hello Everyone!

Here finally is my post. I know I know I am way to late. I do not really know what happened either. I do know I could have written the post on Wednesday if I had rushed trough my tasks, but I chose not to. I must say I am very glad cause I think this weeks results is one of the better ones :). So here they come!

Task 13:

This week take an hour of your time to sit on a bench and to enjoy what is. Sit and look, nothing more.

This task turned out to be much more challenging then I thought. Mostly for two reasons: Firstly, taking the time to just go and sit somewhere for one hour is challenging. I almost had to schedule it in my calendar. Isn’t that ridiculous? Well, I finally did it today and I must say I felt really really great afterwards. I know I had to sit and look and nothing more, which I did. However, I still am a writer and to give myself the opportunity to let go of my thoughts and really focus on the here and now, I wrote them down. You may argue that that is not completely fair since I did 10 times do more than just look, but I will argue against this. The whole purpose of this task was to enjoy the here and now. If I do not write down my thoughts I keep spinning and spinning around them instead of enjoying. So by writing them down I gave myself much more space to enjoy. True or not?

I set at the Vrijthof here in Maastricht on one of the benches at 12 and I left at one 🙂

And here are my thoughts for you:

  • Children make me smile
  • I think I just witnessed how two families reunited, it was sooooo adorable and showed so much love
  • The ING probably like the fact that it is orange since they do not have to change their color now that queens day comes up (I know some thoughts are so useful :))
  • There was this couple kissing each other and the guy literally did a little dance afterwards, how cute is that?! Haha!
  • The whole world wears jeans
  • Apparently you can sneeze so loud the entire square can hear it (forgot to mention I set at the Vrijthof, the whole square looked around when this one guy sneezed)
  • Why are all the trees here still empty?
  • I only had the urge to look at my phone once (which I still think is kinda sad :()
  • I never realized that the roof of the theater is so beautiful
  • Some Germans mix up a screaming child while playing with a pigeon with the sound a horse makes, how does that work?
  • It really is much warmer when the sun is out! (This was definitely my most brilliant realization ;))
  • If I leave now to get a coffee and come back, would that be cheating? (Yes it would, and I didn’t leaf)
  • This women bikes over the vrijthof singing opera, how f*cking cool is that?!?!
  • Did I miss something or did the clock not strike at quarter to one? (I was already sitting there for more than 45 minutes)
  • It strikes 13, I have officially been sitting here for an hour! (conclusion: task fulfilled!)

Task 14:

Think about how to extra motivate someone in your surrounding. Do this.

Okey, more difficult but also a lot of fun. First question, who do I want to motivate? Answer: well everyone who wants to be motivated. Second question, about what do you want to motivate them? Answer: to screw the rules! YES! Well I did motivate some friends in person but for the sake of their privacy I will not discuss this here. Sorry, but they know I mean them :). So for all of you who want to be motivated to screw the rules and do what you really want, I wrote a speech.

This one is dedicated to all of you!

Motivational Speech

Tell me honestly, did you like it? Did I do a good job?

Thank you all and have a great Sunday afternoon!!



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2 Responses to “Enjoy a motivational speech!”

  1. Karlijn April 29, 2013 at 12:40 #


    Ik wilde graag je motivational speech openen maar krijg alleen maar code te zien.. Hebben andere mensen dat ook?


    • Anne-Sophie Sloet van Oldruitenborgh April 29, 2013 at 12:57 #

      Hey Karlijn,
      Je hebt er quicktime voor nodig, misschien is dat de reden waarom het niet werkt. Zo ver ik weet werkt het bij de rest prima 🙂