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20 Mar

My lovely dearest readers,

Another week has past and I have been working on fulfilling my tasks. This week went by quite quickly and I can’t believe I am allowed to take my third card already tomorrow! I am so exited. Also, I love all the reactions I get from my readers. It is really great to see how many people are reading this blog! A big thanks to all of you!

I must admit the effects of me getting a tattoo haven’t quite worn off yet. Some of my friends told me they like it but they never would have thought I would do that. It didn’t fit with the image they had of me. Others thought I should have talked to them about it before I got it to make sure I really wanted it and that I had thought of every argument against it. Thank you all for looking out for me, but yes, now it is too late. Most of you reacted very supportive and enthusiastic, even a lot of people of whom I had never expected it. Thank you all!

My parents reaction are a whole story in itself: I had texted my mom the explanation of my tattoo and the reason for getting one to make sure she would not have to read it on my blog. However, somehow this message never got through and she only got the picture. Yes, so one hell of a shock there. I could have expected that. She literally wrote: please tell me that is not a tattoo, so big, where everybody can see it?!?! Yeah well, surprise! It is! My stepdad asked me if I had had an intelligence shock, as in, “did you completely lose your mind?” My basic reaction to that was: “Hahaha, no, but it is a nice opportunity for you guys to get rid of your prejudice against people with tattoos”. When my mom returned from holiday and I finally spoke to her on the phone she gave me the you-are-old-and-wise-enough-to-know-what-is-right speech. Funny how parents only ever tell you that when they are totally disagreeing with what you are doing. They never say: you are old and wise enough and therefore you made the right decision. Well, I am convinced she will come around when she sees it on me. It apparently looks much bigger in the picture than it is, so when she comes by to visit it will be fine :).

So let’s talk about my tasks for this week:

Task 3:

Get back in touch with an old friend. Look for positivity in the memories.

This was a very nice task. This was actually the only task of which I knew it existed because when I bought the box for a friend of mine I saw this card. I also immediately knew who I wanted to contact. Anyway, I called her on Sunday and we talked for I think almost 45 minutes. It felt like no time had past, which was really nice. We just continued where we had left off and we talked about some of the people who used to be in our class. She even said she had read this blog and that she thought I wrote about her in my previous post! That was a big surprise since she hasn’t ‘liked’ the page on facebook and therefore I did not know she had seen it. We also set a date quite soon for us to meet on the 13th of April. I really look forward to that!

Something for you?

It is difficult to keep in touch with old friends and even though we are thinking about them often we might be hold back to get in touch. I can hear myself thinking sometimes that too much time has passed or some other excuse for not getting in touch. This card gave a nice initiative to ignore all that and just pick up the phone and call that old friend. Living in a different country now, I like to sent very short messages to friends I am thinking of just to remind them I still think of them and wonder how they are doing. This surely makes you feel good if you would like to have a reason to talk to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Why don’t you try it out and see for yourself!

Task 4:

Write down three things you want to change about yourself in the upcoming months.

Work on it step by step and in three months make another appointment with yourself.

Okay, to be honest, this was quite difficult. I have been busy so long to accept myself the way I am that it was rather difficult to think about what I want to change now and can work on in the coming three months. Well, after some discussions and interesting lunch breaks, these were the results:

  • Become more secure, confident and trustworthy towards men.

Okay, this is the most difficult one. As I said in a previous post this is something I am insecure about. You know, big mouth and everything aside I do not really feel comfortable around most guys. This is not so concrete however, so I will just give you an update every week or so on how this is going. This is for me the most important thing to change.

  • Become more secure about my body.

Since this was my other insecurity I thought it would be nice if I could work on this too. So, since I am convinced that being healthy and comfortable with your body is also the way to be secure about it, I decided I want to practice sports at least three times a week. This is concrete and I can give you a list of how often I actually went to practice sports at the end of each week. Oh, for those of you who like this topic, a friend of mine write some post for the blog: Healthy is the new Skinny! I think it is a great initiative and therefore want to support it!

  • Be more disciplined about writing my book.

As you might have noticed, I am crazy about writing. I love it, it’s my passion, a part of me. And I have this great great great idea for a book. Well, I mean I think it is great because I want to write it. I obviously don’t know how great you guys will find it. Anyway, I want to make more time available to actually write it, because until now I only have the first two chapters although the entire story is already in my head. So, I want to be more disciplined about writing my book and set it as a higher priority.

Something for you? 

This is a rather long term task and the immediate effects might not be that obvious. Self-reflextion however I have noticed is a great way to improve how happy you are with yourself. Setting clear goals for yourself keeps you aware of ‘bad habits’ you might do automatically and which you would like to change. (In the meantime I reached my first goal and changed that characteristic about myself which made me very proud. The second goal has it high and lows, which I discovered is quiet normal. I have worked towards the third goal but it is no where near being reached, still it is nicely settled in in the back of my head so I do not forget.) If you want to spend some time self-reflecting in the upcoming months this task if definitely something for you. If three goals are too many, just start of with one as a try out and see how that goes. Good luck!

Hope you had a great week and talked to a good old friend as well!

Lot’s of Love,



ps. I wrote this poem a view months back when I ran into another old friend and I thought it was perfect for this weeks topic:

Months, years have flown by

time has passed

We had our stories

but closed the books


You weren’t seen

You weren’t even missed

No thoughts went to you

only when your birthday passed


We are years later

from that first day when we met

Times have changed

we have grown

not yet so close as we could have

Maybe we never will


So much has happened

months have gone by

I had forgotten

but just like that

you walked by

and we travelled back in time


and just like that

after all this time

you still make me smile

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