Give a Compliment &
Overcome Your Shyness

7 Mar

Give a compliment and overcome your shyness

Good morning everyone!

Time to start this new project! Here are my first two tasks in my quest to test the ‘world box of happiness’. The tasks are always defined in an easier one (*) and one that is more difficult (**):

Task 1:

* This week: give a compliment to two people who you don’t usually compliment, or who do not expect it. Be sincere: do not thank them, but point out a talent of them.

This could be an easy task: I could just go up to two strangers and compliment them. However, I should compliment them on a talent. I don’t know any talents of strangers so that takes that option out. This means it has to be someone I know and who I sincerely want to give a compliment because I think they deserve it. My close friends are (I think) quite used to getting compliments from me so they would also be out of the question.
While wondering on whom to compliment I started thinking about people I take for granted in my life and therefore do not compliment that often. I thought about some teachers of my former study program at the University College of Maastricht. There are some teachers there that have always really inspired me and I am not sure if I ever really gave them a compliment about that. My family would also be a possibility, since I do discover now and then that I take them for granted as well. For example I just realized this Sunday how lucky I am because my mom and my stepdad always gave me the space to choose what I want to do, without pushing me in a certain direction or having certain expectations. I had always judged that as normal until someone told me that the opposite happened in their family. I also think I never complimented my grandparents on anything. Not because they do not deserve any compliments but simply because I never thought about it.
What I will do in the next upcoming days is walking around and pay more attention to the talents of other people in my surrounding. So that I, when I want to, can give them a sincere compliment.

Task 2:

** Do something this week about which you actually feel insecure or shy. Overcome yourself.

This task is definitely more difficult for me. Since I have read the tasks this morning I have tried to think of something that I do want to do but do not do because I am to shy or insecure. Now shyness is not really a problem for me, I am not really a shy person. Although I can be shy when it comes to meeting new men, mostly because I don’t trust men that easily. But that only happens if I actually meet new men, or guys or so. And I suppose I cannot just go and meet a new guy, well actually I could. Hm, I should think about that. I am already killing myself for promising to be honest about everything on this blog ;). Actually, come to think about it, blogging about these tasks and being honest about it is already something I feel shy and maybe a bit insecure about. Too bad I already made this commitment before I got this task ;).
The thing with this task is, you first have to think about what you are insecure. That in itself is already a difficult question which forces me to really reflect on myself. As most other women I am kind of insecure about my body (again, love the honesty). However, I have been doing a lot of sports in the past few months and it does make me appreciate my body much more. Besides that, I cannot really think about doing something I normally do not do because I am insecure about my body. I guess walking around naked through the city would count (one of my friends actually hoped a task would point in that direction) but no I think that is not even allowed by law.
So for this task I have to watch myself closely. What do I not do, although I actually do want to, because I am too shy or insecure?

I just figured out that tonight there is an Open Mic at UCM. I once read a story but it took me a lot of courage, maybe that is something I could do.
You will read about it in my next post!

Tell me, what would you do? Or who should you give a compliment a little more often?



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