Good Characteristics &
Grading Happiness

10 Apr


Pfff….. Another week over. I must say, I am glad, even I have a tough week every once in a while. No matter how busy you are with happiness and being positive, there can always be days on which it just might not work as perfectly as normal. Well, I had such a week. It was not that great: mostly because of some misunderstandings and some bad news in the lives of friends of mine. (Besides that, the weather really sucks!!!) My week consisted for the most part of supporting friends, which I of course don’t mind doing at all. I always want to be there for them and support them whenever I can. But in the end you wish that this would not be necessary and they would all be doing great. It just puts me down to see that they are sad. So I brought some flowers or made a nice dinner to cheer them up, and I hope with all my hearth that it worked! 😀 And it is suppose to be warm this weekend so most things are resolved! Here are the tasks I was testing for you this week:

* Write down three good characteristics of a person who annoys you a lot. Focus on those three characteristics, every time you get in contact with that person.

**From now on, give yourself a happiness grade at the end of every week. Keep a record in a booklet and add some comments.

Turning annoying into enjoying

So, Task nine. Actually it tuned out this wasn’t as easy as it sounded. Since I am dong an internship at the moment where most of my contact goes by mail and the people I do work with or see more often are really nice, I don’t meet any annoying people there. I do not have any tutorials, so no people that irritate me there either. Nor are there people at my work I cannot get along with. All the other time is mine, and in my own time I make sure I do not be around people that annoy me. Very nice life, I realized! I must say this is the first time in my life, I am happy with all the people in my life! Besides being ‘lucky’ I believe the big reason for this is that I can chose who I want to spend my time with almost every moment of the day.

I am very very grateful for that!

Actually the only person I was annoyed with is myself… Yes, well sometimes you have those moments. Or at least I do. I can be very annoyed with myself, for not being patient enough, for not doing what I am suppose to do but rather work on my website, for not being able to figure out certain things just to realize after hours that it was actually really easy, and in the end I get the most annoyed by the fact that I annoy myself. Yes a viscous circle.
So, three nice characteristics of myself?

  1. I am a good friend
  2. I am creative
  3. I am sincere

So, every time I get in contact with myself I will try to focus on that ;-). I think the task is fulfilled, if not completely the way it was meant, the realisation that I have nobody in my life that annoys me, was totally worth it!

Something for you?

So I did not end up testing this task for you the way I normally do, however, when I look around me I see a lot of people who are mostly annoyed with themselves. They are being too hard, too strict towards themselves whereas they are loving and kind towards others. It improves my happiness greatly to be able to turn away from the things that annoy me and think about three good characteristics instead. Are you fed up with yourself? Give it a try!

Grading happiness

Before writing about this, I should tell you that my weeks are beginning on Thursday and ending at Wednesday, because I take a card every Thursday, so please forgive me if it is a bit confusing. A little overview of the last week:

  • I went to the gym on Thursday, Saturday and Tuesday, which is 3 times as my aim is. Yeah!
  • I have not worked on my book, but I did spend so much time on this website, that when I would get paid by the hour I would be pretty rich ;-). Matter of priorities, as soon as I get everything up and running I can spend more time writing my book.
  • I am doing really well with my more confidence towards guys tasks. I notice how it doesn’t make me feel that uncomfortable any more when I am around guys, even if I don’t know them well. I noticed especially during my work since there I meet new people every day, who participate in an experiment. In the beginning I felt pretty uncomfortable with the new guys I had never met, but now it is going really great. So bravo for myself!

With these things in mind and my comments in my previous section I would grade this week with an 6,5 on a scale of 1 to 10. One being not happy, ten being extremely happy. 6,5 would mean to me, a little less then an average week since I would say my average happiness per week lies around 7.

Something for you? 

To be honest I cannot feel the direct effect this task has had on my personal well-being. Grading my happiness level with comments helps to raise my awareness to what factors actually contribute to my happiness. On this journey I keep coming back to the same conclusion: awareness is the key! In order to be happy, you need to be aware of what makes you happy. Give this exercise a try and see for yourself.

What about you? How was your week? Did it help to think about positive characteristics of someone that annoys you? Let me know!

Lot’s of love


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2 Responses to “Good Characteristics &
Grading Happiness”

  1. Fredi April 10, 2013 at 17:54 #

    In my eyes task 9 is not fulfilled. Pretty easy to choose yourself. And I am 100% sure that you know at least one person who annoys you a lot… well, not me 😉

    • Anne-Sophie Sloet van Oldruitenborgh April 10, 2013 at 21:01 #

      Thank you for your comment Fredi. You know what the thing is, since I chose who I want to see, I just do not see people who annoy me. Of course there are people I do not like or who annoy me but they are not a part of my life, because I chose not to be with them. Since I do not have to be with them, nor want to be with them, I do not get in contact with them. I do not think that this tasks wants me to force myself into contact with people that I do not want to have contact with. I thought the entire week about people in my life that might annoy but there are simply none. This realization made me incredibly happy which is in the end what the tasks are suppose to do. So don’t you think I did fulfill the task?