Half way there!

20 Mar

 Half way there

I cannot believe it! I am half way! One year has passed and another one to go! I am very excited, even if there are some bumps in the road now and then I am actually pulling this of. Do you remember all the amazing and wonderful things I did so far:

What I did:

Did you know that I posted my first entry on this website already on the 31st of January but it took me almost six weeks longer to get started with the tasks? I think I just posted that so I could play around with the design of my website and actually immediately seeing the effect.

I remember how I left my friends and family in shock after getting a tattoo based on my first card: Do something this week about which you actually feel insecure or shy. Overcome yourself. (Now I realise that’s not really correct English btw. Translation of those tasks still can be a pain sometime). I remember exactly how big of a deal it was for a lot of people and how others reacted very unexpectedly totally cool. A year later, living here now, it’s funny because almost every single person I meet here has a tattoo and no one understands why there would be such a fuss about getting one: the interesting influence of different cultures and norms within a society. Well, the tattoo is doing it’s job right: it still reminds me every day to be myself :).

Do you remember that I used to write two posts a week? I must have had not much else to do, haha. It also meant I got maybe at times a little bit too much absorbed with my tasks and the blog. Apparently there was a time where I could not talk about anything else. Some of my friends had to remind me that too much of a good thing, is still too much.

Then there were these three things I chose to change about myself. Looking back now, it is all about being confident with who I am. I have worked, and I am still working a lot on these things. I have now clue if someone from the outside can actually notice it but I have come a long way. I am proud of how much I have achieved after realising I wanted to change these things about myself.

Listen to two people you normally do not listen to. I remember I was very ambitious about this task and was not satisfied with what I did in that week. I think I have found some interesting people here that I can still do this with. I might still come back to this task.

Wooow. Reading back now I found this task where I was suppose to tell people why I appreciate them so much. I describe one situation about I friend of mine I apparently told how much I appreciate him, and I cannot remember who it was. Oh, I could write an entire post about if this is bad or not. Let’s keep this in mind, and also, start doing it again 🙂 That was a really nice task.

Then there was that time I had to think about three good characteristics of a person that annoyed me. Looking back now, I was indeed annoyed by myself a lot. I don’t do that as much anymore though, maybe I should rethink this task.

Oh, the five qualities my friend possesses and I chose one of them as a year goal. I want to act and show that love is easy. I am pretty sure that is the most challenging thing I ever asked myself to do. I think this really has it ups and downs. Some days I completely understand and feel that love is easy, other days I think it is still very scary, most of the days I think both is true. But then the question is of course: does one exclude the other?

Ha, my flower power project. We distributed 140 flowers; I still think that was completely awesome! I still have to smile whenever I think of that day, we should definitely do that again. Let’s see how London reacts to a little flower power!

This motivational speech I wrote to all of you for one of the tasks, the only audio file on the website. If you have never met me, this is what my voice sounds like. Although it must be different if I am actually having a normal conversation with someone compared to this speech voice. I think you always adapt a different voice when reading stuff aloud.

This one task where I had to actively listen to the person I was speaking with. I still think this is a very odd task. I definitely do not listen better when I keep focussing on the lips of the person who is speaking to me. Besides, did you know that whenever two people are about to kiss they keep looking at each others lips? So if I go walking around looking at everybody’s lips it looks like I want to kiss everyone. This would not bother me so much if I would actually listen better to what these people are saying. Unfortunately mostly it just results in my thoughts drifting around the question if I want to kiss this person. This question is mostly very quickly followed with a definite ‘no’, the surprise comes when a ‘yes’ follows totally expectantly.

Also after having moved to London I need to say something about the making contact with other cultures task. I remember I used to say UCM showed me a form of tolerance I had never seen before. I think this is still true, but London, London just goes so much further than that. Here the word ‘tolerance’ got an entire different meaning for me.

My ten-year look into the future is still exactly the same. I actually used that in an interview for my master degree a couple of weeks ago. Funny how so much has changed but that actually hasn’t. The piece of paper stating that future plan is still hanging next to my bedroom door, it survived the entire trip to London.

Oh and then there was that post in which I complained and just basically gave an entire speech on why people should be straightforward. Very funny that one of the first comments I received here at work is that I am too straightforward. I figured it is a culture thing. Dutch are in general pretty straightforward compared to the rest of the world, but of course not when we are talking about love, going out for a drink or a coffee or when we just want to spend some quality time with someone else. I think my speech from back then still stands: Life would be much easier if we were honest and straightforward.

And then in the middle of it all I decided to move to London! Of course this had to be shared with you: the newest adventure in my life. I still walk the streets every once in a while thinking: ‘I live in this city! London baby!!’. And the adventure is of course still going on. A lot of posts about my London life have come about. For example the one where my GP (General Practitioner) told me that two glasses of wine is much too unhealthy.

Even in London the tasks do of course continue. One of my favourite posts here was the one where I argued conversating should be a verb in the English language and why we should all strive for concreteness.

What is next?

This is the first year of my project and look how much has happened! I am curious to see what the next year will bring. Maybe I will move to Chicago. Okay, don’t worry that is a definite no. I am starting my Master Program in September and currently there are way too many beautiful things that London is offering me to already move away again. Besides that, how about doing something totally unexpected: how about staying.

So I haven’t gone into my tasks for the last two weeks, I thought this moment deserved it’s own post and some time to think about the last year. So the post about the last two tasks has to wait a bit.

So what exciting things did you do during the last year?

Let’s make the next one at least as awesome!

As always, with lot’s of love,


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