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My Precious Pen and Paper

29 May

Good morning everyone, I know it has been a while. This is manly due to my trip to France which got extended several days longer than I originally had anticipated and afterwards I needed a couple of days to myself. The effects of those days in France are becoming part of me and I am […]

Laughing Out Loud

1 May

Good morning everyone! Welcome to a new post about the tasks I have been testing for you during the past weeks. The time is passing by so quickly I barely have time to process what is going on ;). I cannot believe we have the first day of May today, how did that happen? It […]

Be Better With A Smile

17 Apr

Hi Everyone! Due to Good Friday and Easter everything got a bit messed up in my time schedule and I totally forgot to write my post (Mainly because I kept mixing up the days)! :O I know, I cannot imagine how that happened either! Oh, and as you may have noticed I am tweaking the […]

Dare To Care

9 May

Morningggggg! I had to smile so much when I read the tasks below. They just seem to be perfect for me at this given moment. Some of my friends already know but I decided to move to London this summer. Instead of staying in Maastricht and working here, I discovered I am ready for a new […]

Change The Way You Go

8 May

Good afternoon dear readers! This week did not go by as quickly as all the ones before, however, it was quite a mess I must say. All these free days get me off my schedule resulting in never really knowing which day of the week it is. I started wishing people a nice weekend last Wednesday […]