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A Way of Listening

2 May

Good morning! Somehow the sun comes out and the weather gets nicer and I immediately feel like I have less time in a day. How weird is that? Might have something to do with the hours that I spend out on the terrace, watching people. And with all the hours a day I now spend on […]

The Dream Cook

2 May

Hey hey guys, Soooooo, I am hoping that this still works out tonight because somehow my internet is being extremely weird. I’ll give my best to make it work. Week 8 has past; this means I am doing this for two months now. Wow, it already feels like a lifetime. Haha! As if I have […]

About Cooking and Dreaming

26 Apr

Hello everyone! So even though my other tasks were not successfully fulfilled yet, I did already pick my next card since I do not want to fall behind on schedule. So this week a little more posts then usual since you are also still going to read about how I fulfilled the last two tasks. […]

Sit Down & Motivate Someone

18 Apr

Hi everyone! I am sitting in my window enjoying the sun, while I am writing this post. My post of yesterday was much longer then I intended but then again there was much to say. Now the wind is blowing trough my room, my eyes are squeezing against the sunlight and my best friend is […]

Start Working and Admiring

17 Apr

Hey everyone! The sun has finally come out; I already spend too much time enjoying it instead of working. It is incredible how much good weather can influence people’s moods. But, to be fair we did have the darkest or least sunny winter ever. So, no wonder that we are all happy to finally see […]