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Change The Way You Go

8 May

Good afternoon dear readers! This week did not go by as quickly as all the ones before, however, it was quite a mess I must say. All these free days get me off my schedule resulting in never really knowing which day of the week it is. I started wishing people a nice weekend last Wednesday […]

A Way of Listening

2 May

Good morning! Somehow the sun comes out and the weather gets nicer and I immediately feel like I have less time in a day. How weird is that? Might have something to do with the hours that I spend out on the terrace, watching people. And with all the hours a day I now spend on […]

The Dream Cook

2 May

Hey hey guys, Soooooo, I am hoping that this still works out tonight because somehow my internet is being extremely weird. I’ll give my best to make it work. Week 8 has past; this means I am doing this for two months now. Wow, it already feels like a lifetime. Haha! As if I have […]

About Cooking and Dreaming

26 Apr

Hello everyone! So even though my other tasks were not successfully fulfilled yet, I did already pick my next card since I do not want to fall behind on schedule. So this week a little more posts then usual since you are also still going to read about how I fulfilled the last two tasks. […]

Sit Down & Motivate Someone

18 Apr

Hi everyone! I am sitting in my window enjoying the sun, while I am writing this post. My post of yesterday was much longer then I intended but then again there was much to say. Now the wind is blowing trough my room, my eyes are squeezing against the sunlight and my best friend is […]