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Good Characteristics
For Happiness

4 Apr

Good Afternoon! Another Thursday, another card. I am a bit late today, I really wanted to do it a little earlier this time but since the last post was about friends and appreciating people, some things and situations are just more important. But of course, I still post my new tasks for you guys! Task […]

I Appreciate You On Purpose!

3 Apr

Hey hey hey everyone! Oh so very cliché but another week has past which means another post from me. This weekend was easter weekend which kind of gave me the feeling as if I had vacation, which was totally not true but it also made me forget about my tasks for a bit. I did […]

Appreciation and Coincidences

28 Mar

Namasté everyone! So again a new week, I can’t believe I am already starting my fourth week. Time is flying by and I am flying with it :D. Okay, enough cheesy talk. I do wish you all a great Easter and I hope you are going to have a good time. Just some little information […]

The Gift of Listening

27 Mar

Hello everybody, very nice that you join me (again) this week! Today my third week ended in my quest to test the world box of happiness. This week was quite successful in the sense that I am now able to offer everyone who signs up for this website the first chapter of the world book […]

Listen and Donate

21 Mar

Hello everyone! Anther week, new tasks in my quest to test the world box of happiness! Here are my first thoughts about my new tasks: Task 5: This week, listen with full attention and sincere to two people for at least ten minutes, who you normally do not listen to. Listen to two people who […]