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Be Better With A Smile

17 Apr

Hi Everyone! Due to Good Friday and Easter everything got a bit messed up in my time schedule and I totally forgot to write my post (Mainly because I kept mixing up the days)! :O I know, I cannot imagine how that happened either! Oh, and as you may have noticed I am tweaking the […]

Dare To Care

9 May

Morningggggg! I had to smile so much when I read the tasks below. They just seem to be perfect for me at this given moment. Some of my friends already know but I decided to move to London this summer. Instead of staying in Maastricht and working here, I discovered I am ready for a new […]

Start Working and Admiring

17 Apr

Hey everyone! The sun has finally come out; I already spend too much time enjoying it instead of working. It is incredible how much good weather can influence people’s moods. But, to be fair we did have the darkest or least sunny winter ever. So, no wonder that we are all happy to finally see […]

Respect and Determination

11 Apr

Hello hello, After having not such a great week last week I must say this one started out pretty nicely and has a lot of things to look forward to. First of all I really enjoyed my work this morning, I helped out some friends and I did some good work. Nice, that cheered me […]

Good Characteristics &
Grading Happiness

10 Apr

Helloooooo Pfff….. Another week over. I must say, I am glad, even I have a tough week every once in a while. No matter how busy you are with happiness and being positive, there can always be days on which it just might not work as perfectly as normal. Well, I had such a week. […]