Laughing Out Loud

1 May

Laughing out loud

Good morning everyone!

Welcome to a new post about the tasks I have been testing for you during the past weeks. The time is passing by so quickly I barely have time to process what is going on ;). I cannot believe we have the first day of May today, how did that happen? It seems like the weather is also a bit confused because after the weeks of sunny days it now has started to rain. Well, I am sure we will all survive. With the month May being here it means that my holiday to France is coming up as well. I am really looking forward to it, however it does mean that my next post will not be published on time since I will be in the middle of France without internet, phone or anything else that normally connects me to my busy life. So be prepared for a couple days of delay there.

Now let’s see, do you remember the tasks I was testing for you?

* Write down things about which you ruminate often. Make a deal with yourself to have one moment once a day or once a week when you are allowed to ruminate. Outside of that moment, stop ruminating.

** Count how many times a day you are laughing. Double that amount.

 A moment to ruminate

The way I define ruminating (and I have translated this from the Dutch word ‘piekeren’) is to extensively worry about one specific problem. Mostly indicated by going in circles over and over again about the same questions. I have discovered I am not a natural worrier. Not so much of a surprise for those who know me to be a great optimist. However, I also experience days on which I am less optimistic than usual and start worrying about all sorts of stuff. I think the last two weeks went something like this: ‘Where do I get the money to afford my trip to France? Where do I get the money to attend the positive psychology conference in Amsterdam this year in July? Should I really go there if it is that expensive? But I really really really want to go. And it is in Amsterdam. I know people in Amsterdam who I want to visit. But it is really expensive. Where do I get the money? I can also go in two years, but then it won’t be in Amsterdam. Where do I get the money? I also have to pay four months rent up front in a month. Do I have enough money?” As you can see, I basically circle around and around the same topic. Money. And I really do not like worrying about money. It makes me tired and gives me a headache. I will therefore stop doing this and plan to only do it at the end of the month, when I am planning my next month. I think the most crucial part of this is having pen and paper available to write down the real numbers and think of solutions. Which makes it less ruminating and more problem solving and that makes me a lot happier.

Something for you?

I know worrying and ruminating is something we all do and just deciding to stop it is much easier said then done. I do think allowing yourself specific times during the week to worry can help as you would not force yourself to stop worrying (and we know trying to control your thoughts with force doesn’t work) but you would encompass your worrying to a specific time and place. If you are a person who worries a lot, give this task a try. If you worry about too many different things, just start this task of with one specific topic and see how that goes.

Laughing out loud

Whahahahahaha. Of course I had to start with that. Counting how often you laugh is really not that easy. If I laugh for 10 minutes does it count as 1 laugh? Or if we have one funny conversation does that count as one laugh? I am much better in pinpointing the situations that make me laugh out loud. Looking at that I discovered a couple of things over the past two weeks:

  1. The hardest and longest laughs I have are always with other people, mostly about sarcastic, straightforward almost blunt jokes (real diehard British humour).
  2. The better you know people the more likely you are to create those hilarious situations.
  3. One of the people at work makes me laugh so much the tears were really running down my face.
    1. Those are my most favourite days, the days that makes my work fun and the days I am most productive even without those 15 minutes of work in which I am laughing.
  4. Books make me laugh out loud as well and make others laugh at me for laughing in public, which in the end just makes the world a funnier place.

Having realised this I have also come to the conclusion what I need to do in order to double my frequency of laughing:

  1. Create more social situations in which Laughing is likely to occur by:
    1. Hang out with friends I know well;
    2. Increase my social life to find more situations and people who make me laugh; and
    3. Recognise the moments in which I laugh to fully embrace and enjoy them
  2. Read more and more and more funny books!
Something for you?

Do you feel like you are not laughing enough? Or would you like to laugh more? Then this is definitely something for you! This task helps discovering what exact situations make you laugh and gives you the opportunity to foster and embrace those. And nothing gives you such an immense boost as truly laughing out loud!

After all this fun in the last two weeks let’s see what the new tasks are I will be testing for you:

Task 57:

Write down the 10 most precious things you own. Visualise them and enjoy it.

Interesting task. 10 objects I own which are precious to me. The reason why I find this task interesting is because if you had asked me what is most precious to me I would most likely have answered without mentioning any objects. To actually think about the objects, which are most precious to me gives a nice twist to this task. Let’s have a think.

Task 58:

From now on always keep pen and paper at hand. Write down good ideas and think about how to realise them.

I am a person who writes, as you all must have realised. Nine out of ten times I will have my notebook with me and pens and pencils to write down any spontaneous ideas for stories and poems that pop into my head. I only do not take it if I go out into the high tourist zones of the city where pickpockets slumber waiting for their next victim. In those situations I do not take a bag with me and therefore also no notebook. This task is a nice encouragement to write down different ideas then just poems or stories. I am curious what I will find.

So, as I said before my next post will take a little longer than usual since I will be in France enjoying my well-deserved holiday.

In the meantime, laugh as much as you can, do not take life too serious and stay happy.

Lot’s of love,


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