My Precious Pen and Paper

29 May

My precious: The wonderful book of great ideas

Good morning everyone,

I know it has been a while. This is manly due to my trip to France which got extended several days longer than I originally had anticipated and afterwards I needed a couple of days to myself. The effects of those days in France are becoming part of me and I am sure I will carry them with me for a long time. It was heart warming! I did not forget about my tasks so let’s have a look at what exactly I was testing for you again:

*Write down the 10 most precious things you own. Visualise them and enjoy it.

**From now on always keep pen and paper at hand. Write down good ideas and think about how to realise them.

My precious

This was harder then I originally had thought. It specifically said “things” so friends and family and the like do not count. Now let’s have a look (Btw the order is random):

  1. My scarf. Okay this might need some explanation. A couple of months ago I bought myself this beautiful scarf, which I completely love. It only has positive things on it and it has the perfect balance between white background and colourful images. I absolutely love it! It had to be on this list.
  2. My Dutch Harry Potter books. These books are the reason I can read. Because I am dyslexic I literally hadn’t finished any book in my life before I started reading the first Harry Potter book (it took me three months to finish, I was very proud J). That story is one of the greatest inspirations to my writing, definitely a must on this list!
  3. The painting my mom made for me. My mom is an artist. She paints really beautifully. When I moved rooms in Maastricht she made a painting especially for me. I absolutely love it! The girl on it reminds me of myself when I was younger (although I swear it is not me!) It was no question at all that the painting had to come to London with me. So also on this list!
  4. My bike! I am the proud owner of a really really awesome bike since a couple of months. I absolutely love it (keep saying that, apparently I need to absolutely love something for it to be on this list ;)) and it fits my life here perfectly. It has to be on this list.
  5. My silver case containing everything I have ever written, including all my notebooks (even though they might be scattered around my room instead ;)):
  6. My MacBook. I must admit: Once you go Mac, you never go back, certainly seems right for me. But it is not just that. It contains all my pictures, poems, website details and so much more. (it is also somewhere saved on a hard-drive).
  7. My owl. My grandmother gave me an owl. I don’t know exactly what it is made of, it looks like wood, feels like stone, but it is not heavy enough for that. I think it belonged to her mother originally. It was such a heartfelt present, it is standing in my shelf always watching over me.
  8. My psychology books. I don’t believe I actually put this on here but yes, my positive psychology book, introduction to psychology and social psychology book. I know I am turning into a geek. I really don’t care, they are my bibles.
  9. My Buddha. Another gift from my mom. It’s a Buddha made of French Chalk (the translator cannot seemed to make a decision between that or Soapstone). This Buddha is quite new but I think it will travel everywhere with me.
  10. My Rose Quarts. I am the proud owner of three beautiful Rose Quarts (I hope that is spelled correctly). Whenever I move they come with me. So on the list they go.
Something for you?

Maybe you are not that materialistic, or maybe you totally are. I think in both cases this is a nice task to try out. If someone would come and take away everything except ten things, what would they be? Do you know how precious they are to you? Maybe you should put them at a special place where you see them more often. Recognising and realising how important some things are to you can certainly increase your mood.

The Wonderful Book of Great Ideas

Another one of my precious: My notebooks. My notebooks are holy. As a writer of course I have pen and paper at hand wherever I go. The picture above is a picture of my latest notebook and guess: I absolutely love it. It contains all my great ideas, al lot of pages on my second book (that is right I finally started writing again!) and general ideas concerning my life. I do pretty good in realising them and it makes me feel incredibly proud!

Something for you?

I think we all have great ideas. By giving them attention by writing them down you give them the possibility to flourish and grow into something beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, some great ideas are just great ideas, but some can become mind-blowing! Writing them down can most certainly help you stimulate that process. If you are not a pen and paper kinda person you can always records them on your phone via memos or just text them to yourself so at least you have a record of them somewhere. And I can promise you: if you can put some of these ideas into practise, it’s the best ego-boost ever!

Okay, so enough said let’s look at the new tasks:

Task 59:

Make a list of the 10 most enjoyable experiences in your life. Visualise them and completely enjoy each moment.

Again with the list making. I do think it is a lot of fun. The 10 most enjoyable experiences in my life. I do think a lot goes back to my students days in Maastricht. Well, let’s have a think about it.

Task 60:

Think about possibilities to do volunteering work. Chose one and go do it!

By the time I have completed all these tasks my days will be mapped out from getting up in the morning until going to bed. I do have to point out you can never do all these things at the same time and still going to work or uni or something. Any way, just as a side note. I’ll have a look into this. See what things I can do.

So guys, that’s about it for now. Hope you enjoy the next two weeks, at least here the weather is promised to be a littler better. Really let’s hope so!

With lot’s of love,


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