Nakedness and Shower-Stories

13 Feb

Nakedness and Shower-Stories

Living in London Anecdote:

This anecdote has to be stared with thanking my housemate without whom this story would not have been possible: Thank you for understanding me, for listening, for knowing when to leave me alone without taking it personal, for telling me off when it is necessary and most of all for making me laugh so much. Now another reason why I need to thank her is because of her I can attend the Virgin Active gym. Apparently only during off-peak hours but it is absolutely amazing.

Now today I want to share a shower-story with you. I visit the gym about twice or three times a week and of course I take a shower afterwards. I could write an entire post about how amazing these showers are but what is 100 times more amazing are the women you see in the locker rooms. They walk around naked, do their hair while wearing nothing but a slip and a bra, they put on their make up wearing their see-through tights, red knickers and pink bra’s.

The point is not what they are wearing or what they aren’t wearing. What I find absolutely amazing is that no one is ashamed of what they look like.

You see all types of bodies here: so thing their legs are about the size of my arms, so big I would fit in them three times, tall like giants or so small they must be shopping in children shops. They remind me of what a women’s body looks like: all shapes, all sizes. And believe me the model figures, 1.80 m with perfect hip-waist ratio, thin but still nice breast and an attractive bottom walk around too. Those are just as much a body of a woman as all the others. These women inspire me, putting on their make-up in their knickers or chatting along while drying their bodies, their nakedness for everyone to see.

Beautiful, confident women, with perfect bodies, all of them!

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