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25 Jun

392 days…

since I last wrote on this blog and you might wonder what has happened in the meantime and why I have chosen to start blogging again. Here is a very short summary of the last year: I have quit my job in London and moved to France for a year to finish the book I was working on (and which is currently on a pause but not forgotten). A month after I decided I wanted to stay in France I discovered that the person I was meant to be with was literally standing right next to me all the time I have been here and he still is.

Going down

So with the love I had always been searching for, living in the beautiful south of France with people who cared about me more than I could ever imagine what happened that I feel the need to start blogging about finding happiness again? Well, I found out the hard way that you can still get very low even if your surrounding might be what you always wanted. So that is what happened, somewhere between January and February I hit my all time low. Everything I had ever preached for about optimism, thinking positive, seeing the good in every situating and having faith that nothing happens to you if you cannot handle it, turned massively against me. What I understand now is it isn’t difficult to get high when you are half way up, but when you are truly low and you truly hit bottom, when life seems to have lost its point and every day you’re only wish is to vanquish into thin air and just seize to exist because it seems impossible to continue, when you are that low how do you ever ever get up again?

Getting back up

I would have never thought I would find myself at a point like that and was never able to understand when people expressed the hopelessness and misery that comes along with it. Well now I do know, and even though I got out of it bit by bit, I am nowhere near the point where I would like to be. Trying to find a way to get myself up again, I read yesterday that bringing happiness into your life requires time, effort and commitment. More than a year ago, I took the time, made the effort and was committed to this blog, to my own well-being. Now, I don’t want to go back, I want to move forward and becoming at least as content with my life as I have once been but with everything I have experienced up until today. So I am giving this blog anther shot: from this moment onward it is my own personal well-being journal obviously with the aim to increase my well-being. I will do exercises drawn from the field of positive psychology and report here with my thoughts and feelings about them. The first exercise for the upcoming week is this one:


Every night for the next week, set aside ten minutes before you go to sleep. Write down three things that went well today and why they went well. I will keep a record of what I wrote right here.

I might do some other (reflective) exercises on the way, but I thought let’s just start with this one. Whatever I end up doing, I’ll let you know right here.

Ps. To compare how I have improved in a couple of weeks I took three tests yesterday from the website.

  1. The Satisfaction with Life Scale: I reached a score of 21: slightly satisfied and to have a comparison about 35% of the people who took the test score equally or lower then me. All the others do better.
  2. General Happiness Scale: I reached a score of 3 with about 12% of the people who took the test scoring equally or lower then me. (Not very many people indeed).
  3. Authentic Happiness Inventory: I reached a score of 2 with only 8 % of the people who took the test scoring equally or lower.

Conclusion: lot’s of room for improvement, let’s go for it!

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