New Year, Old Project:
Back to the Tasks!

6 Jan

Happy New Year!

May you feel love for everyone,

May you be patient with and take care of yourself,

May you have the strength to be honest,

And may you have faith that everything turns out right,

Then happiness and harmony will follow on their own.

It is going to be a beautiful year, enjoy it!

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New Year, New Design, Old Project: Back to the tasks!

Before you get a post explaining about my last tasks and my two new once this is just a little post to get us all back into my project again.

Firstly, I want to start of by reintroducing a regular schedule of posting. The last couple of months have been hectic and irregular without a proper routine. Not just for my blog but for my entire life. Of course this is quiet normal since I immigrated to a different country, moved the huge beautiful city of London, started an internship and soon after started a job. With the start of the new year my training period is almost over, my working hours are becoming more stable and a routine is settling in my life. Some evidence of this can already be gathered, just ask the ‘Pret a Manger’ next to my work, where I order a strong cappuccino every day and they all know it (definitely one of my favourite moments of the day :)). I also started going to the gym again, twice a week again at least. So as you can see I am off a good start for this new year.

Now because I want to pick up this project again and make sure I will stick to it until the end I also want to reintroduce my posting routine. I will post on Thursday’s fortnightly (this is a new word I learned at work, basically meaning every second Thursday, but I think it sounds much smarter ;)). For now I will also just stick to fulfilling the tasks. I would love to blog more about other topics all related to finding happiness but at the moment I rather want to fulfil my tasks properly instead of rushing about to write a post in which I need to invest much more time and research. One of the main reasons for this is that one of the previous tasks has been effective and I truly busy myself with working on my new book. I do however, want to keep writing my ‘Living in London Anecdotes’ every once in a while. I do not know yet if I integrate them in a task-post or just write small single posts for them. But I truly love writing about these little London moments so I will keep that up.

Last but not least I started to post more information on Twitter and Facebook. This information is more relevant to my way of life and the pursuit of happiness than with the tasks itself but it I still think you might find it interesting.

So, that’s it for now, cheers to a wonderful new year and I look forward to hearing your comments and my new tasks next Thursday!

See you all then,

Lots of love,


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