Nothing to do with pets

23 Jan

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Sooooo, here we go again! (Two hours later: Okay, that actually totally failed cause my friend started texting me. So let’s start again:

Two weeks have past since the fruitful problems post, here a small update on life:

It is a total mad house at work! (Am I allowed to say that since I work at a psychological practise? Just don’t tell anyone I said that, little secret between you and me) Anyway, looks like half of London woke up from a deep deep sleep and decided they needed therapy. (Or the lovely holidays spend with family are the cause of it, which of course could never be the case, I mean Christmas, New Years, no reason at all for family-related stress right?). What ever the reason might be, it makes the job so much more fun! Yes, I don’t mind working more hours, I love the increase of responsibility and it is so interesting and I learn so much.

Okay, enough talk about my lovely job. Any other updates? Oh, yes, gym talk! I will post a Living-In-London-Anecdote soon about the gym but just a little thingy in between. As most of you might know, somewhere in the beginning of this project I decided I wanted to become more secure, confident and trustworthy towards men. Well I have been working on this particular point since then and realised a big part of the problem is that I have difficulties differentiating between friendship-feelings and Oh-my-go-I-am-so-crazy-about-you-feelings, which basically means I tend to think I have a crush on any male friendship figure in my life if they are in an age that this would still be appropriate. (To all my male friends who read this and now get a heart attack: common be honest, as if you wouldn’t have suspected it at some point or another? And calm down, since they come easily most of these crushes go as easily and none of you is in London at the moment so you are all safe.) The other side of this story is that if I get asked out by I guy I think is nice, I used to immediately say yes, because I wouldn’t be able to tell if I just like him or actually like-like him. So back to the gym talk I was talking about. I got asked out by one of the trainers at the gym and I said no because I investigated my feelings towards this guy and discovered they were friendship-feelings. Ha! Feeling very proud now, as this was a very big step in my feeling-more-confident-secure-and-trustworthy-towards-men process. Yeah!

So, I think that would be about it, oh no wait, I was at my first Real-British-London-Birthday-Party, but I will safe that for a Living-In-London-Anecdote. Sorry.

So my tasks of these two weeks, Card 22:

* Dare to pick one day and to do absolutely nothing. Nothing!

** consider if it would be good to take a pet.

To do or not to do? That was the question

My day of doing nothing. Well, as I said before, I find it very difficult to do nothing, beside the little fact of course that is it actually impossible to do nothing. I did come to a very nice conclusion, if I may say so myself and I really really tried!!! I managed without internet, without laptop, even without writing (except my grocery list) and with as less talking as possible. The only words that came out that day were a ‘good morning’ to my housemate and a ‘thank you’ in the supermarket. Yes, I did go to the supermarket and cooked a nice dinner for myself. I also started reading a new relaxing book and I read almost half. My most proud moment of the day was that I lay in my bed for an hour after I had woken up just staring at the ceiling, truly doing nothing!

I only awensered the phone once, since my housemate called and she knew I had a phone-free day so it had to be something important, which it was. J I think I did pretty well, considering how difficult I find doing nothing.

When I was still studying at UCM I used to take every Saturday or Sunday a day of from studying. If I didn’t do that I would go mental somewhere during the week and was not able to do anything for uni. This caused a problem because then I wouldn’t do the readings I was supposed to do between Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday. I learned this pretty quickly, so in order to be the most productive student-version I could be, I had to take a uni-free day during the weekend.

At the moment, based on this task, I think I have come to the following conclusion:

Conclusion: No work, no preparing for work, no emails for work, for at least one day a week, probably in the weekend. On this same day also no university, (since I will start again) and preferably I should do something creative in the direction of Arts and Crafts: That will be my weekly day of doing nothing.

Pet talks

Besides the very small fact that my contract clearly states that pets are absolutely not allowed in my apartment, I did totally consider taking a pet. As soon as I would pocess an apartment in which it is allowed and has enough room, the money and the time,  I would get myself a dog! But dogs are expensive and need a lot of room in order to be happy, which I currently do not have, so no to a dog.

My housemate and I discussed this for at least an hour over breakfast, this was the result:

  • No cat either (Cats do not like her, and to be fair two have already climbed through her window in her room and got stuck in the curtains, kinda creepy)
  • No rabbit (we would need a garden for that, no garden, no rabbit)
  • No rat, or guinea-pig or hamster, or mouse (they would need a cage, that would need cleaning, they might stink, which was the least mean thing she said about these animals, I feel sorry. Other side of the story: all the guinea-pigs I ever owned didn’t get older than 2 years, so maybe not the best trackrecord)
  • No snake, no spider (at least take a pet you can cuddle, not really possible)
  • No goldfish (feel sorry for such a lonely fishy)
  • Aquarium with a  bunch of fish (very expensive and needs regular cleaning and they die so quickly…)
  • Even no turtle (although we did come really close with land turtles who apparently can walk around and live in your room, which would be cool)

Conclusion: at this moment, getting a pet is not really an option, let’s postpone this until it is more suitable.

Oh new card, yes!

Task 45:

Pay extra attention this week to see that you really stick to what you said you would do

Okay, that sounds pretty straightforward. Of course it is too typical that I get a card telling me to stick to what I said I would do when I have most problems doing this when being confronted with my family. The desire to please them sometimes still takes away my strength to stick to what I told myself I would do. This task serves as an extra incentive and reminder!

Task 46:

Think about organising an extra activity with your friends, with your street or neighbourhood.

I am feeling up to organising a game night! I tried organising a dinner but time keeps running of for the bunch of us, so let’s try again :). I feel like we play way to little games, as in real board games, way to many games played in life 😉

Hope you have a lovely week and are already looking forward to the weekend!

Lot’s of love,



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4 Responses to “Nothing to do with pets”

  1. Karlijn January 24, 2014 at 17:12 #

    I again loved reading your post Anne-Sophie!!
    Haha especially the thing with the guys is recognizable. I’m proud of how you consciously think about that but try not to think too much also. Maybe feelings can change when you’re getting along for a while. As long as it’s clear for the other one, it’s good I think. But good point you made, made me think also.
    Talking about that, a game night is an excellent idea! Lots of fun and works very relaxing also. The day off is very ambitious and I have respect for you doing so. Hopefully this will be working for me too at the long run. Hope you will keep updating us about how this works out for you! And I’m also very curious how card 45 will work out.
    Thank you dear Anne-Sophie for inspiring me!

    • Anne-Sophie Sloet van Oldruitenborgh January 25, 2014 at 08:50 #

      Hi Karlijn,
      Always a joy to read your comments, thank you! I think you are making an important point: feelings do change with time. I think I should therefore keep asking myself the question: friendly-feelings or I-realy-realy-realy-like-you-feelings, every once in a while. Let’s start by being honest towards ourselves and then we can think about how to be honest with them 🙂
      I hope you have a fun game night, I am glad I gave you a nice idea! Let me know if it was a successful evening!
      Hope to see you for my next post, Karlijn!
      Thank you for being such a lovely follower 🙂

  2. Maryama January 24, 2014 at 10:05 #

    Nicely written! A real fun read! 🙂

    • Anne-Sophie Sloet van Oldruitenborgh January 25, 2014 at 08:44 #

      Thank you Maryama! I am very glad you enjoyed it! 🙂