Laughing Out Loud

1 May

Good morning everyone! Welcome to a new post about the tasks I have been testing for you during the past weeks. The time is passing by so quickly I barely have time to process what is going on ;). I cannot believe we have the first day of May today, how did that happen? It […]

Be Better With A Smile

17 Apr

Hi Everyone! Due to Good Friday and Easter everything got a bit messed up in my time schedule and I totally forgot to write my post (Mainly because I kept mixing up the days)! :O I know, I cannot imagine how that happened either! Oh, and as you may have noticed I am tweaking the […]

It has been a year: say ‘hello’ to change

3 Apr

As I explained extensively in my previous post, it has officially been a year since I started this project. A lot of exciting things have happened as you can also read in that post. Because of that in-between-post I now had four instead of two weeks to spend on my lovely tasks: * These weeks […]

Half way there!

20 Mar

  I cannot believe it! I am half way! One year has passed and another one to go! I am very excited, even if there are some bumps in the road now and then I am actually pulling this of. Do you remember all the amazing and wonderful things I did so far: What I […]

Offering a helping hand and releasing inner fears

6 Mar

Good morning my dearest people of the world, The days are getting brighter, the sun is peaking through my curtains in the early hours spreading a warm light in my bedroom that just makes me want to jump out of bed and start the day. While I am writing this, three lovely young women are […]