Love, Conversating & Concreteness

20 Feb

Love, conversating & concreteness

Good morning everyone, Let’s start the day with a poem I wrote for my niece a year ago. Happy 1st Birthday my darling  – with all my love: . Today is the day to be grateful Today is the day to feel loved . Today is the day in which everything changes Even if all […]

Nakedness and Shower-Stories

13 Feb

Nakedness and Shower-Stories

Living in London Anecdote: This anecdote has to be stared with thanking my housemate without whom this story would not have been possible: Thank you for understanding me, for listening, for knowing when to leave me alone without taking it personal, for telling me off when it is necessary and most of all for making me […]

To say or to do?

6 Feb

Good morning! Another two weeks gone, I cannot believe how fast time is flying by! In the last two weeks not much has happened because I have been working so much. I did take four days off and went to the lovely UCM graduation, Alumni Dinner and my grandmothers 90th birthday. My long weekend in […]

Nothing to do with pets

23 Jan

Sooooo, here we go again! (Two hours later: Okay, that actually totally failed cause my friend started texting me. So let’s start again: Two weeks have past since the fruitful problems post, here a small update on life: It is a total mad house at work! (Am I allowed to say that since I work at […]

Card 22: Fruitful Problems

9 Jan

Fruity Problems

Finally back to writing! Well, that is not entirely true, let’s say back to blogging. Behind the scenes the writing never stops. Not only have I been writing on my new book as I promised to do in Task 4, I have also been writing poems and my application for the Master program in Applied […]