Respect and Determination

11 Apr

Hello hello,

After having not such a great week last week I must say this one started out pretty nicely and has a lot of things to look forward to. First of all I really enjoyed my work this morning, I helped out some friends and I did some good work. Nice, that cheered me up a lot. The best thing is… it even got noticeably warmer today! Yeah! After having had the darkest winter ever, I think it is time for some sunshine and warmth. So, let’s have a look at my new tasks:

Task 11:

* Do something this week which you have been postponing for way too long. Start working on it and finish it!

Stop postponing! I love this task, being a student I postpone a lot. Besides that I think the word sounds funny in English! I learned a very important new term when I started studying, it’s called: ‘soggen’! It is Dutch and an abbreviation for ‘studie-ontwijkend-gedrag’ directly translated to: ‘study-avoiding-behavior’, basically meaning the same as procrastinating. It is funny thought that the more we actually need to study the more we procrastinate. The amount of useless and uninteresting information on Facebook dramatically increases during exams time. Although one should expect the opposite. When I was writing my bachelor thesis I gave my Facebook login details to a friend and let her change my password so that I could not access it any more. I was locked out of Facebook for two weeks until I had hand in my thesis and got my account back. It is actually quite a realization to see how much time you have left when you stop checking Facebook and stop procrastinating. Although procrastinating and postponing is not completely the same, they do go hand in hand. So a little list of things I have been postponing:

  • Writing my CV and motivation letter for a student assistant position
  • Looking for a job
  • Writing my thesis
  • Calling people to organize one of the MasterPeace projects I am part of.
  • Mailing my half-sister and some friends who are abroad.

So, a lot to chose from. Let’s see what I manage to get done in one week. Might be a bit challenging since my best friend is coming to visit on Monday. Really looking forward to that, but that does mean I have to work a lot on the weekend. Well, let’s stop postponing and start working! Who is with me?

Task 12:

** Write down 5 qualities of a person for whom you have a lot of respect. Make one of those qualities who you do not possess yourself, a year goal. Confront yourself frequently with this goal.

Find 5 qualities of a person I have respect for. Hm, this is interesting. I in general would say one should have respect for every human being. I was raised like that and I want to live like that. But of course that is not the point of this task. So I will look for someone I especially admire and have respect for. This task opens my eyes to look at the qualities of the people I am surrounded with. Who knows what I discover. Tell me for who do you have a lot of respect? Do they have a quality which you would like to have as well? Well then let’s work on it together!

I hope you are all doing great and having a good week!



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