To say or to do?

6 Feb


Good morning!

Another two weeks gone, I cannot believe how fast time is flying by! In the last two weeks not much has happened because I have been working so much. I did take four days off and went to the lovely UCM graduation, Alumni Dinner and my grandmothers 90th birthday. My long weekend in the Netherlands was enough to remind me that I truly have amazing friends and family but that I am so so incredibly happy to be living in London! Which is, not something bad to realise :D.

So the tasks of card 23 of the pasts weeks were:

* Pay extra attention this week to see that you really stick to what you said you would do

** Think about organising an extra activity with your friends, with your street or neighbourhood.

Say what you do and do what you say

This task definitely helped in being more aware of things I say I will do and the things I actually do. Basically it resulted in me paying closer attention to consider that even if I want to do certain things and I have the full intention of doing certain things it is just not possible to do absolutely everything at the same time. So instead of whishing for more hours in the day just being more careful about what you say you will do also makes you a lot less stressed. I will keep working on this since I know I still think I can do more things than I am actually capable of doing.

Conclusion: pay closer attention to the things you say you do so giving your word becomes more meaningful.

Actively organising

I organised something really nice these two weeks. I went to the Netherlands and had breakfast with bubbles! To some peoples confusion bubbles is not actually a person but a glass of prosecco with bubbles together with a delicious breakfast. The highlight of the breakfast was, however, not the bubbles but the small reunion with two of my friends who I had met during my Masters program. I haven’t laughed so much as that morning in such a long time! It really was great and I hope we can do it again soon!

Conclusion: organising things out of the regular routine is a lot of fun, so let’s keep it up!

New new new card:

Task 47:

These weeks talk with neighbours, colleagues or other people with whom you normally do speak.

Haha, I had to laugh very loud as I read this task. Everyone who has ever met me knows that I simply talk to absolutely everyone even everything. Lately mostly my computer at work ;). To be fair I speak with my neighbours and their lovely children every once and a while and I speak with my colleagues every day since they are at the moment literally the biggest part of my social life. But, on the bright side, finding someone I truly normally do not talk to is therefore an even more interesting challenge!

Task 48:

Take a vague plan, make it concrete and start it!

When I read this task I immediately connected it to the book I am writing. I have been working on making the plan and the structure more concrete for almost a year and I think the time has come to actually pin it down and start writing! Let’s see if I can make that happen in the next two weeks! How exciting!

That was it!

Love love love,


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