Sit Down & Motivate Someone

18 Apr

Hi everyone!

I am sitting in my window enjoying the sun, while I am writing this post. My post of yesterday was much longer then I intended but then again there was much to say. Now the wind is blowing trough my room, my eyes are squeezing against the sunlight and my best friend is preparing cupcakes with me. What more could I want? I would say, this right here, is a perfect moment. So, enough said, let’s look at my new tasks:

Task 13

* This week take an hour of your time to sit on a bench and to enjoy of what is. Sit and look, nothing more.

This task is perfectly timed. For one because the weather is getting better and better and two because it fits in perfectly with the Mindfulness course I just started. In my quest to find what makes us happier in life I decided to also take part in Mindfulness training. We had our first session on Tuesday and our task of this week is to be more aware and be more present in the here and now. I know it fits perfectly with my first tip in my Happiness Mini Course. Really nice to discover that :). So sitting on a bench and just looking and enjoying is in perfect alignment with the tasks of this training. Very nicely timed.

Task 14

** Think about how to extra motivate someone in your surrounding. Do this.

This task requires quite some thinking. This is actually the first task of which I really have absolutely no clue how to fulfill it. I have done my share of elections for the university councils since I started studying here and I ended up motivating  pretty much everybody who was running for my party last year. But that was spontaneous and with a lot of shouting, dancing, acting out and being strict and though. Just as I did when I was still actively being a coach in the rowing assocation Saurus. I can’t really think of a situation in which that would be appropriate in the upcoming week. Maybe I could write a speech. I really like speeches, writing them and holding them. Hm, that could be an idea. Well, no concrete plans here yet. I would say: let us be surprised! Do you have any clue how you could motivate someone in your surrounding?

Small update about my other tasks:

Task 4:
  • Increase my confidence with guys: Check! Going really well! No problems at all this week!
  • Increase the confidence with my body: Check! I went to do sports on Saterday, Monday and yesterday of which I am so sore that I can barely sit. Much to amusement of my best friend ;-). She is completely right for laughing her ass off though! Haha!
  • Write on my book: Fail! Yeah, still did not start that, priorities priorities… They are definitely somewhere else at the moment. Tsss tsss tssss.
Task 10:

Give a grade to my week: 8.5. Yes, it has been a nice week and my best friend is here, so I am very happy! Besides, I did a lot of things I wanted to do for a very long time, which results in feeling great!

So, I hope you had a great week as well and you can all enjoy the sun!

All my love,


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