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17 Apr

Hey everyone!

The sun has finally come out; I already spend too much time enjoying it instead of working. It is incredible how much good weather can influence people’s moods. But, to be fair we did have the darkest or least sunny winter ever. So, no wonder that we are all happy to finally see the sun! The seduction of the sun caused me to think a little less about my tasks and a little more about feeling the warmth on my face. But, nevertheless I write you now about my tasks of this week:

* Do something this week that you have been postponing for way too long. Start working on it and finish it!

** Write down 5 qualities of a person for whom you have a lot of respect. Make one of those qualities who you do not possess yourself, a year goal. Confront yourself frequently with this goal.

Stop Postponing & Start Working!

I made you a list of things I had been postponing and I will tell you now I did quite a bit. Which made me proud and smile!

  • So! I wrote my CV and my motivation letter for a student assistant position at the Health and Social Psychology Department of Maastricht University. Yes yes yes. Very nice to finally have done this. Next to that I also worked on my LinkedIn profile to make it more clear and structured. Have a look if you want to and tell me what you think. I decided to add my blog to extracurricular activities since I do spend at least 15 hours a week on this. Writing posts is really the easiest part and the least time consuming. Everything else is work behind the scenes, which you probably will notice consciously or unconsciously in the end. Oh, one example, my Happiness Mini Course! You can sign up now and receive it immediately! Tell me if you like it!
  • I also looked for a job, a little. But that is not that easy, especially since you are never really done unless you actually find a job. However, the job I really want is a fulltime student assistant position, which I did apply for. So now I think I just wait and give them some time to read my motivation and CV so that maybe in the end, they decide to hire me ;-).
  • Writing my master thesis was also on my to-do-and-stop-postponing- list. I wanted to at least continue where I had left of several (a lot of several;-)) weeks ago. I failed completely at doing this. So no one else needs to feel guilty, I did not write one word for my thesis, I did not even open the document. Really sad actually. BUT! Yes, there is a but! I did give myself a deadline. My friend and I decided we want to go to France in the first week of June and we want to have everything done until then. Well, at least everything we can do. So the whole data analysis and loving SPSS part does not belong to that. This gives me 6 weeks to finish my thesis! What do you guys think, will I manage that? Well I think I will :D. Besides this is a very very nice reward for finishing, so enough motivation is definitely present!
  • I am part of another project of MasterPeace043. We promote peace and the awareness of it all around the globe. We have a new project, here in Maastricht and Roermond for the Dutch liberation day. Since I am a part of the crew, I have been busy planning and setting up this project. I called and mailed a lot of people and I am definitely not postponing anything in that direction anymore.
  • Since Maastricht University is quite an international university, (yes besides all the Germans there most surely are other nationalities you just have to look a bit harder), it happens that friends end up abroad. I wanted to write a bunch of them, which I did; of course not all otherwise I would still be writing. However, I did send some emails and I am very glad about that. I also send an email to my half-sister so check on that :).

Besides all this I also got rid of my paper-trash, finally hang up a poster and wall art, send a real letter to a friend of mine and finished and ordered a photo-album for another. I would say: nice job, keep up the good work, task fulfilled!

Something for you?

Probably most of you have some things on their to do list that are always there but you simply never get around to. This task is a nice chance to make yourself tick those things of your to do list. It provides a little extra motivation and the feeling afterwards is definitely rewarding!

Admiring others to help admiring yourself

Okay, the more difficult task of this week. The thing with this task is is that I do know some people I admire a lot but it does not mean that I want to be like him or her. However, some qualities of course would be nice. It was on the one hand quite difficult to find a person that I admire so much to make one of his or her qualities my own, on the other hand I know quite some brilliant people which made it hard to chose at the same time. So, here are 5 qualities of a friend of mine who I respect (as I do with all my friends) and admire a hell of a lot. She (yeah sorry guys, it is in fact a woman), probably does not even know this, so I wonder if she recognizes herself in this. Anyway, here we go:

  1. She is convinced, and therefore also shows, that love is easy. This might sound weird but she is the first person who told me love is easy. When she said it to me it all of a sudden seemed so logical. Love is the most clear and powerful feeling we can feel. Of course situations occurring from loving someone can be quite difficult. But in the end Love in itself never really is. I need to think about this much more before I can explain how I totally understand what she meant, but I hope you got the slightest idea.
  2. She feels. She is a person who feels, everything, all the time. By the way, not in an irrational way, that completely takes over your life when you are being sad or something. In my eyes she is really connected with her feelings and act really according to these. I really admire this.
  3. She does what is right. Most of the time, of course, since no one is actually perfect. Most of the time she does what is right. With this I mean she does what is right for her, what fits with her and what belongs with her. She does right by herself just as much as she does right by others. She just does the right thing and she can mostly very easy say what is the right thing to do for her.
  4. She ignores the rules that others came up with. This goes hand in hand with doing what is right for her. The right thing to do according to society is often not the actual right thing for you. She really understands this difference. If you want to work a year before doing your starting a Master program, do it! Don’t let people tell you that ‘if you start working you will never start studying again’. If you want to bring a guy flowers because you really like it and you felt like it, do it! Don’t let people tell you that ‘the guy is the one who is suppose to bring flowers’. If you want to paint Easter eggs and hide them all across the city, do it! (Which I did, btw, it was so much fun! :D) Don’t let people tell you that ‘people don’t do that’ or ‘you are not suppose to do that’. She ignores all these rules that aren’t really good anyway, in my eyes. So I admire that as well.
  5. Last, but not least, she is open and honest. She is just herself. She tells how she thinks and feels about situations, about her friends about almost everything. Even if she adapts what she says to who is listening to make it understandable for that person, she still is honest. This I also very much appreciate.

So, five awesome characteristics, now I have to choose one I want to set myself as a year goal.

As my year goal I set myself her characteristic: I want to act and show that love is easy. That it is the most clear and logical thing ever. I know this sounds pretty vague, but at least I know what I mean by it :). I will try to explain it better next time when I confront myself with this goal ;-).

Something for you?

This is again a long-term goal and therefore the effect is not immediately noticeable. I do think that stopping a moment to look closely at the people you admire and think about why you admire them so much is a real eyeopener. And since you then already have taken the time to do that, why not think about if you can teach yourself one of those characteristics you so admire? In the end all that can happen is that you will admire yourself a little more :).

I hope you enjoyed this very long post! Next time I will try to keep it shorter :).

Have an awesome week, enjoy the lovely sun, and smile!



PS. I will give an update about my other tasks in my post of tomorrow.

PPS. I got a 100 likes this week! WOOOP, my stunt is coming! Be prepared!

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