Task 19 & 20: Dare to say ‘no’

15 May

Okey, a very very exiting week that was. Besides the fact that everything is a bit confusing again because of all the free days this week was really awesome. Different things made me conclude that this week definitely deserves a 9. Which is the highest grade I have given so far. I did some difficult stuff, and even though it was difficult it freed me in such a great way, which is one of the reasons why I feel so great. I will come back to this later in this post. Next to this I just noticed I am incredibly disciplined and focused in almost everything I do. So much, it sometimes scares me. I did everything for my thesis I can do until now. Until I receive my data there is not much I can actively do, all the writing is done, so I can enjoy doing other stuff. I wrote my very first official let-me-help-you-to-be-a-little-happier-post that I soon will publish. I went jogging twice and can walk a little longer every time. And besides me doing so great in all these aspects I have the greatest people around me to share it with. Whether my room turns into a wellness place for everyone to have a cup of thee and relax in the middle of their busy day, (this is what happened on Monday) or we have lunch, thee or coffee, go out for drinks or just talk the entire night. It all matters, because it all contributes to me doing so incredibly well, thank you all so very much for this!

Task 19:

Dare to do two (little) things, which you normally do not dare to do.

Ha, I must say, doing things that are kinda scary for you makes life a lot more exiting. Since I promised to be honest, even though I wanted to keep some of these things to myself I will tell you what I did. First of all, I did something I wanted to do since I was a little kid. However, I never realized that when the time would come to actually do this, I would find it this scary. I have been dreaming about it so long, still I never realized it. So, what did I do you probably ask. Well, here it goes. I did not wanted to say it before I got any concrete results but the fact that I dared to do this already gave a huge kick. So therefore I now fully confess: I send in my manuscript to a publisher. Not to a mayor publisher but just something little to see what they think of it. If I have any concrete results I will let you know. But it is a surprise, so I’ll keep it quiet. Oh, and the other thing I dared to do, well I like to write and to express my feelings trough poems. That is just who I am and what I do. Last week someone made quite an impression on me and I wrote a poem about it. Later that they I sent the poem that I wrote to this person. You might ask, why would you not dare to do that? Well, the thing with poems is, besides the fact that I feel like I can express myself so nicely trough them, everyone interprets them differently. I mend this one in a light, open and enjoy-the-moment kinda way. The question is did that person also understand it like that. Well, I don’t know. I’ll make sure I ask. Anyhow, that was something I do not do that quickly. However, a wise person told me, just do what you want. If others don’t like it, they either tell you, or they don’t and that’s it. Based on that I also wrote the poem below.  I thought it was suitable for this task :).

Task 20:

From now on, just say no if you do not want to do something, without explanation or feeling guilty.

Yes, oh no, wait I have to say: no! Haha. I actually found out I do not really do much I don’t like. However, I did said no to meeting someone I did not want to meet. That was the only situation thought, because besides that I did not come across any situations I did not want to be in. However, I do think that this is a very good task so I will definitely keep it up!

A small update about my other tasks:
  • Task 4: Change three things in the upcoming three months:
    • Go do sports 3 times a week: I jogged two times, I think, not quite sure. But I always run a little longer now, so I am proud of that!
    • Feel confident towards men: walking the walk and talking the talk, doing better and better 🙂
    • Write my book: Ha! Well, since I finished my old book it is time for something new. Let’s start doing that!
  • Task 6:
    • Listen to two people you normally do not listen to: I keep having problems with this, hm…. I will find a situation where this is suitable.
  • Task 10:
    • grade your week: did that above! Check!
  • Task 12:
    • Show, act and believe that love is easy. Love just is: haha, well let’s say my friend who I admire for this, is teaching me well 🙂 Thank you!
  • Task 18:
    • Write down your dreams: wrote down two dreams I remembered. Pretty weird once, well, that is just how it is. No details this time though 🙂

That was it! I hope the upcoming week is just as fabulous; I have a feeling it will!

I wish you all a fabulous week as well! Oh, and how do you like the new design?



Ps. And the poem:


Dare they say

Dare and do what you want

Even if it is not the right thing to do

Even when you know you shouldn’t



Cause you only live once

Dare, cause if you will not do it, no one will

Even if it is scary

Even if you aren’t sure what to do



Cause you’ll always regret what you didn’t do

Dare, cause it opens up new worlds

Even if the water is probably cold

Even if the jump seems too high


I am gathering my courage

Cause deep down, I know I want to

Because all these things

Eventually do not matter

Because it feels right

So it is right


Right here

Right now

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