Task 19 & 20: The naked truth…

22 May

Another week has past in the life of me. And of course a very exiting week! As I said last week, I dared to sent in the manuscript of my book! Unfortunately it is in Dutch so I will not talk about it to much here. But the very big and exiting news is that: I got a contract to get it published!!!!! WOOOOOOOO! I am so excited! This is something I have been dreaming about since I was 14. So it is truly amazing to me! If you are interested and would like to receive an e-mail with some more information about this book, please right an email to: anne-sophie@theoriesofhappiness.com. Besides this great news the weekend was not that exiting. I really must admit I prefer the normal day’s where we can go to university and spend way to many hours drinking coffee with our friends. For the first time since I started studying here in Maastricht the weekend really felt too unsocial, to little social contact for my taste.

Before I start talking about my tasks of this week I have something else very personal that I still would like to share. Remember task 4 where I had point out three characteristics I wanted to change about myself in the upcoming three months? Well I had a realization yesterday. One of the points was that I wanted to be more secure about my body. It took me very long to accept and be confident about my body the way it is. Surely society doesn’t make it easy telling us all the time how we are suppose to look like or not to look like. The truth of course is that our bodies are beautiful. Every single one of them. We can do so much with them, we should be proud of them and grateful about our capabilities. Even though that is always so nicely said it does not really change the feeling you have about your body. I have been doing sports because I wanted to feel healthy and therefore also more secure. I do feel a lot healthier and it definitely helps, but feeling secure and being happy with your body is a certain attitude that needs to come to you. I had this realization yesterday when I was standing in front of the mirror completely naked (yes, I told you this was personal). A couple of months ago I told my mother I was completely happy with the way I looked as long as I was wearing clothes. I don’t mind being naked, but I also did not really like the sight of my own naked body. Yesterday this changed. I was standing in front of the mirror, completely naked, looking at myself and I suddenly came to the realization that I found my body actually really honestly beautiful. Just like that. Just standing there, the way I am. It was a real new feeling to me and a wonderful realization. It made me feel very proud and free. Even though I have been searching for this for quite a while I am still not completely sure what triggered it. So I cannot really help any of you who are still searching for it. I can only say, be open and accept. Stop fighting how you look, be happy with who you are, cause you are all beautiful! 🙂

Because of all this, this week deserves an 8! Now, Let’s talk about my tasks:

Task 21:

This week give a task you normally always do yourself to someone else.

I must say, this task is just mend to be for this week. Haha! This week are the elections for the University and the Faculty Council at the University of Maastricht. Last year I organized this week meaning I was living an entire year just towards this single week. This year I am not officially taking part in the elections anymore. I am not a candidate at any of the lists so no need for me to do anything. Still I walk around at uni and see my party do everything. I really have to hold myself back in order to not step in and trying to run the elections again. So, I am giving up this tasks and let the new board do it there way. Of course I give them my full support but I try really hard to leave it at that. I think until now it is going all right. 🙂

Task 22:

Try to make contact with someone from a different culture or color.

Yes, I already pointed this out last week. This task is really just useless for me since I live and study in such an international environment. No need to try to get in contact with other cultures and nationalities because I see them every day. It would be a lot harder to try to avoid other cultures and nationalities. So this task is fulfilled by default, not much to tell you there.

I hope my next tasks are a little more challenging and therefore I am looking forward to read them tomorrow.

A of course the small update about my other tasks:
  • Task 4: Change three things in the upcoming three months:
    • Feel secure about your body, to reach this go do sports 3 times a week: As I said before I reached the point where I am fully confident about my body, which of course will be more or less at some day. But in general I am good, happy and confident. Did only do sports once though 🙁
    • Feel confident towards men: I skyped with two male friends last week. This is something I was always very scared and unsure about. I noticed I do not mind at all anymore! So really happy about this too! 🙂
    • Write my book: YES, finally, I did! My MacBook and my phone decided to stop working last Saturday, resulting in me not being able to work on my website, thesis or anything else for that matter. So, I went to the library, (yes I did on a Saturday, in the library. This is the second time I have ever been at the library on a Saturday, in my entire student life), because I could not do anything else without the documents on my Mac I started to write on my book again! And I already wrote 4.000 words since then! 😀
  • Task 6:
    • Listen to two people you normally do not listen to: I listened to some people of the opposite party during these elections, does that count? Haha!.
  • Task 10:
    • grade your week: did that above! Check!
  • Task 12:
    • Show, act and believe that love is easy. Love just is: doing good this week. I am very relaxed and just let everything be the way it is 🙂
  • Task 18:
    • Write down your dreams: I keep having troubles remembering. I think I only wrote down one. (Can’t really look in my dream-diary right now). This one was so incredibly weird that I cannot tell you this. Sorry :).

Hope you all have a lovely week! For all of you studying at Maastricht University, I will only say it once: Don’t forget to vote! 🙂

Lot’s of Love,

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