I Appreciate You On Purpose!

3 Apr

Hey hey hey everyone!

Oh so very cliché but another week has past which means another post from me. This weekend was easter weekend which kind of gave me the feeling as if I had vacation, which was totally not true but it also made me forget about my tasks for a bit. I did get an e-mail saying my registration as a stem cell donor was completed successfully and I bought the coloring books. If you want to see pictures, check the facebook page! My mom was here and she saw my tattoo live and on me, whooow. She said she still doesn’t agree with the location but, besides that it is fine :D. She also enjoys my blog a lot, which made me proud. Some other small points: I have been working to increase my trustworthiness and security about men, as I said I would do in task 4. It is working and I am feeling great! YES! And I have been keeping up my sports. I went three times, two weeks ago and two times last week (I would blame Easter but it is not completely fair to be honest). On the other hand, if I could already do it, I wouldn’t need working on it, so I keep up the good spirit. Writing on my book has not worked yet :(, I am busy doing other stuff. Which is not a good reason at all so I’ll kick myself and will do better in the future. Oh, and for those of you who read this a little secret: I have 90 likes on facebook now, I am very proud. When I get a hundred I will do a very nice (I must say so myself) stunt, because it is fun! But sssssshhhhh, don’t tell anyone ;-)!

Do you remember my last two tasks I was testing for you?

*This week tell someone who you appreciate open and honest why this is the case.

** Think back about three experiences that happened to you once by coincidence and explain why they weren’t coincidences.

A way to appreciate others

Yes, my very very nice task. Funny, cause it did took me quite some time to actually do this. I thought about it a lot but I could not seem to find the right moment to say to someone why I appreciate them so much. I did know that I wanted to say it to one person in particular cause I had the feeling I had been a little too much I-take-you-for-granted in my actions towards her. Even though I never felt like that in my heart, but she cannot see that, she only sees my actions. So time to match my actions with my heart. I told her very sincere this morning, how much I appreciate her as a friend. That even though we do not know each other for that long we still know each other very well. And that she has seen my on my best and on my worst and she has never judged me for it. She is a true friend and she deserves to know it <3.

What should be worth mentioning as well is that a week before this task came around I wrote a long letter to a friend of mine in Germany just stating all the things I am grateful for in our friendship. The letter still hasn’t arrived yet but I am pretty confident it will be there soon. He is great and he supports me very very much, so he deserved to know that too!

Then I also told another friend of mine that I am very happy with our friendship today. I realized I had never said that to him, because he is maybe a bit hold back in that direction, which automatically influences what I do and what I don’t say to a person. So I told him that it is always ‘gezellig’ (sorry no good English translation for that) and nice to be with him. This actually led to a very interesting conversation, which I think was really great!

Besides this I also texted two really great friends why I appreciate them so much since they are both beautiful people and I am very grateful to have them as friends! I will keep up this task in the future and tell people more often why I appreciate them that much. It is very nice to do and when the moment is right I will definitely do it. Now I just pay more attention to see if I can spot these moments :D.

Something for you?

This task is very nice to do and increases your appreciation towards your friends. Appreciating anything is a very important factor that contributes to happiness. If you need a little boost or if your friend needs one, this is definitely the right task for you. You can also write a letter or a postcard, if you find it easier than saying it face-to-face to someone. Do keep in mind that saying it face-to-face might be scarier but it also gives a great amount of joy!

Was that coincidence?

Something for you? Unfortunately I could not test this task for you since I do not believe in coincidences and therefore this task loses it’s point. For a full explanation for this, please read my previous post. If you are a person that does thinks situations in life just randomly happen to you, maybe you should give it a try. Or write me and we can have a discussion about why I think a certain situations might not be coincidence and you think it is. I know that believing everything happens for a reason gives my life more purpose and therefore makes me a happier person. If you have never thought about it, maybe give it a go and see where your thoughts end up.

Again, it has been a great week! I hope you all had a great Easter and a great weekend! I look forward to my new tasks of tomorrow and wish all of you who are writing exams at the moment good luck!

I am very grateful for you guys and everyone who enjoys my blog! Spread the happiness!



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