The Dream Cook

2 May

Hey hey guys,

Soooooo, I am hoping that this still works out tonight because somehow my internet is being extremely weird. I’ll give my best to make it work. Week 8 has past; this means I am doing this for two months now. Wow, it already feels like a lifetime. Haha! As if I have never lived differently. Well some of my friends tend to not agree with me. My life as a blogger might be turning a little more into an obsession. So now I try very hard to also still have a life next to my blog. :). Maybe that’s why my posts become shorter again. And then there is this little thing called Master Thesis, which is trying to catch all my attention. But before I go of the grid to work on these things 24/7, I will tell you about my last tasks:

* Cook this week something else or for other people then you normally do.

** Try to remember your dreams and write them down immediately. Keep a dream diary.

Cook something new, something different

As I said in my previous post, I love cooking, so this task was really cool. I had this meal in mind that I already wanted to cook for quite some time. Well, finally I tried it out and even without the cognac it turned out to taste really really good. We even licked our plates afterwards because it tasted so great. Haha, I was not suppose to say that ;). Being honest here I also tried out to make white chocolate mousse. I failed the first time because I made the chocolate too hot, so it turned all weird and disgusting. But I did not give up hope yet so I went to the supermarket to buy two new chocolate bars. And I failed again. It worked in the beginning and I actually managed to melt the two chocolate bars properly. However, I was too slow with the other ingredients so I had to reheat it and that is where it went wrong again… After these two failures and my two previous trips to the supermarket I decided to give up for that day. Concluding now I think I am just better in cooking the main dish instead of desert. But, I will try it again at some point!

Here is a picture of the dish that did work out:

Cooking and dreaming

Any volunteers, who want to be my guinea pigs for any other new dishes I am trying out, write me a message! Always happy to cook for people!

Something for you?

I understand that not everyone likes cooking as much as me, however, I still think that variety in your cooking can increase your good mood. If you want to stick to your old familiar recipes than try to cook for a bunch of friends and organise a dinner party. I takes a bit of time but the effect is really nice. Good company combined with a good meal is the perfect recipe for a great and happy evening!

Dreams – Do you remember?

Yes, now I have a lovely dream diary. I must say it looks really pretty, however, I remember so little of my dreams that it only has three little entries. Last night I dreamed a whole bunch, I can still remember it was a big story. But the only concrete thing I still now is that my friend came to pick up her favorite cardigan, which she in reality already has done a week or two ago.

Something for you?

To be honest with you I do not know how much effect this task has had on my every day happiness. I can tell you that several different people and books have told me that writing down your dreams can contribute to your happiness. I find it hard to stick to this task but if you are a morning person give it a try and see what you think.

Grade for this week:

Just a normal 7 because I do feel great but I have the feeling I am behind on schedule. My tasks are running away with me, which makes me feel very chaotic. Also my very nice daily structure is suffering from it, so today I will probably take some time to get myself organized again.

Also, again late with this post. Bad bad bad me. I hope you still like it, not such an exiting week as normally but I am sure my next tasks will get me there again 🙂


Love and sun to all of you,


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2 Responses to “The Dream Cook”

  1. marlies May 2, 2013 at 17:22 #

    Haha, most awesome dream!

    • Anne-Sophie Sloet van Oldruitenborgh May 2, 2013 at 19:15 #

      Always awesome when I dream of you sweetie, haha 🙂