The Good Old Friends

14 Mar

Hi hello!

After absorbing all the comments, compliments, criticism and shocking moments about me getting a tattoo it is time to look at the tasks for this week.

*Get back in touch with an old friend. Look for positivity in the memories.

**Write down three things you want to change about yourself in the upcoming months. Work on it step by step and in three months make another appointment with yourself.

The good old friends

Get back in touch with an old friend. When I read this card, I knew immediately who I wanted to get back in touch with. There is this friend from mine from middle school who was the most dear to me when we were little. When I turned twelve I went to a different high school than her, but we still saw each other every once in a while. It became more difficult when I moved to Germany two years later. I must admit it is difficult to keep in contact with each other especially around the age when we are changing so much. When I moved to Maastricht, I thought we would see each other more often since we now live in the same country again. But unfortunately that did not quite work out and in the past months I have been wondering how she is doing. So, beautiful task! I will get back in touch with her!!

A step towards change

Work on three things you would like to change about yourself. This is of course, again the more difficult task. Finding something about yourself you don’t like and then changing it is not that easy. Not that I think I am perfect or anything, but I have been very busy accepting myself the way I am, so that makes it a bit more difficult. And besides that, technically I want something concrete, something you can truly measure for the sake of the experiment. But if it is something concrete in how far does that really changes me? Whatever does really change me? Does it count if I change my habbits or do I really need to change my mindset? Since I reflect a lot on my mindset and therefore chose to change, doesn’t that mean I do change what I do or think but not really who I am?

Yes, so first a little philosophical discussion that I have to think about and in a couple of day’s you can read the results again!

I hope you enjoy it!



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