Week 11: Task 21 & 22

16 May

* This week give a task you normally always do yourself to someone else.

** Try to make contact with someone from a different culture or color.

Okey, this morning I thought: ‘Let’s try a new look: drowned cat’. I think I managed it quite well, if you are interested, this is what you need for it:

Make sure you do not possess any umbrella, waterproof coat, or rain-suits, if you do possess them make sure you forget them. Waite until the moment it absolutely pours outside. When you manage all that, then also search for the longest route to your destination to make sure the look has a long-lasting effect. Preferably something like: Walk to the SSC, walk back home, bike to Randwyck, bike back home, walk to UCM, walk to SSC again, walk back to UCM, and finally return home. I can ensure you this will guaranteed make you look like a drowned cat, and I could pull it off! 😀

Well, besides that nice anecdote let’s have a look at the tasks:

Task 21: give a task to someone else

I am looking really really hard for the right word to translate this task and it is right on the tip of my tong (can you say that in English) but I cannot get to it. Well, everyone who knows me, especially the ones who knew me as a board member of DOPE realize that I am very bad in distributing tasks. I like to do everything myself, preferably on my own way. This is definitely a tough task for me. I also do not know if I have that much tasks I can give to someone else instead of doing it myself. This is going to be interesting! I tell you, prepare for an interesting story next week!

Task 22: Contact “the others”

Hahaha, I think this tasks is just literally too funny. You might wonder why. Well, at the moment I am studying in a program with 66 students of which 10 I think are Dutch. My current group of friends consists of Icelandic, Swedish, English, German (of course), some Dutch, Australian, American, and even Bosnian-Herzegovina (even if it is just one) people. I probably forgot some other countries and cultures. At times, it might even be more difficult to find me around actual Dutch people. To conclude this task is sort of useless for me. The fact that I rather write this in English instead of Dutch or German also already shows my preferences for internationality, I think. So not a challenge at all! Well, I will try to keep up with how many different nationalities and cultures I speak next week. Let’s see who can talk to the highest number of different people!

I hope you all have a great week, despite the weather.

Just remember:

Whomever wishes for sun, has never danced in the rain!



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