Week 12: I want to take a look at the future

30 May


Interesting week it was: the last day’s of the elections, Summer Deejays, work and a nice weekend. The end of last week was a bit chaotic, maybe because it did not follow my always perfectly planned schedule or maybe there was just something in the air. Either way it resulted in me not being able to sit still and relax. I could not even do my meditations. I did manage to do it on Saturday, while I was waiting for people I did a forty-minute body scan. It is a type of meditation where you shift your attention to every single body part. I had put my phone on silence and when I checked it again after forty minutes I had six missed calls. What was really weird was that two calls came from Ohio, USA, two calls were suppressed, one unknown and one a German number. I could only figure out to whom the German belong to but all the others I never discovered. Also, they never called again, really strange. I think besides some ups and downs it was quite a regular week. I would say I give it a normal 7.

Pfffff, the day continued and I am really tired now. I think I wrote more then 300 post-it notes today and put around 800 labels on envelopes and folded twice as many pages. But I will still try to write this post.

Task 23:

This week, change as many ‘I must’, or ‘I have to’ into ‘I want’. Write down the effects of it.

This was an interesting task. Since I don’t really have to do anything besides writing my thesis, which I have finished so far this had much more impact on things I had to do in the past. Especially when I talk about my board your of the last academic year I used to say ‘I had to do…’, ‘I had to be…’, and ‘I had to go…’. This week every time I talked about that year I said: ‘I wanted to do all that’, ‘I wanted to be on time for every meeting’, ‘I wanted to go to all those appointments’ and it changed my perspective a lot. Because that was true, when I did it I wanted to do exactly that. I chose to do all of that. And even though I now think it was definitely the toughest year I had in Maastricht so far, I do realize that it was my own choice. I did choose to do that back then because I thought it was the right thing to do. Somehow by changing that I had to do all that into I wanted to do all that my perspective changed and I appreciate that year much more.

Task 24:

Dream about who you are: who do you want to be in 10 years? Think of three steps in that direction.

I thought about this for a while and this is my conclusion: My look at the future:


This is what I want to do,

This is who I want to be:

  • I want to wake up every morning and love going to work just as much as I love coming home
  • I want to earn my money by inspiring people to want to be the best version of themselves and by helping them to become the best possible version of themselves.
  • I want to learn every day about happiness, positive psychology, improving and exploring your talents, and being optimistic.
  • I want to council and guide others to do the same.
  • I want to write, I want to blog, I want to write books, articles and poems, which others enjoy, are interested in and find fascinating.
  • I want to give the best, to be the best, and earn the most, while being honest and truthful towards myself and my surrounding.

This is what I want to do,

                                             This is who I want to be.

How do I want to get there?
  • Focus on what I really love, meaning continue to write no matter what else I want to do
  • Plan and actually move to London, since this is my first step of the rest of my live 😉 (sorry, very cheesy but I really wanted to put it in :D)
  • I should dare to dream, dare to want, and dare to take those steps which are necessary to get there where I want to go.

Since I am really tired and really really want to go to bed so that tomorrow I can write another 500 Post-it notes, I will give you an update about my tasks tomorrow evening.

Have a great night and success to all those who are writing exams at the moment!



Ps. I am at my grandparents and the internet does not work anymore, either because they turn it of at night or my room is out of reach (which is illogical since the office of my granddad is the next room). So I can’t put it online and will do it tomorrow morning.

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