week 16 & 17:

27 Jun

week 17

Week 16:

As you all have noticed. I keep finding it difficult to get back in the rhythm of posting something every Wednesday and Thursday. I do not really know why that is the case. Maybe because I am trying to do so many different things that I found it hard to focus. I still need to work on my Master Thesis, even though I do not have data yet I should work and correct my current version. I need to plan my goodbye party and in general my leave to London. I look forward to it sooooo much. But it is getting closer and things are getting more serious now. I have officially cancelled my room from 31 of August. So you all can be assured that by then I am really gone because now I literally have no choice any more. My publisher gives me every week a new deadline for my book and I am meeting with an illustrator, so a lot of time also goes in that. I am going to Germany for ten days so I have to prepare for that, and I should work on this blog. So you see, I love having a lot to do, I really do. But it is so much all over the place, that makes it a bit difficult. I will make a list and do everything, one by one. Starting of with writing the speech for my goodbye party.

Oh, this week get’s a 7,5. Yeah looking back I met some really great people, eat amazing food, and saw an awesome play. However, my Saturday was completely useless in a bad way so 7,5 is great :).

Anyway, let’s have a look at my tasks for this week. I did not even tell you yet what those were suppose to be. Well, I am making up for that now :).

Task 31:

This week, spend at least two hours on something fun on which you normally do not spend any time.

Coming back to the party I am organizing and that is taking place tomorrow, I spend quite some time on party-planning. But I always do that when I organize something so that is not really something new. What is new is, and I do recon that normally I find this a complete waste of time, the fact that I spend and still will spent at least two hours on getting my nails done. I know, any guy will think: wtf, why why why would you waste such precious time on this? Normally I fully agree that is why I hardly do my nails. But, my friend is going to paint the jack union on my nails, now that is cool! And well, it takes longer then two hours because the polish needs to dry. This is for my graduation / goodbye party and I think it is awesome and fun. So for once I spend at least two hours into doing something I normally spend as good as no time in.

Task 32:

Create a family tree of your own family. How far do you get?

Yes, well this is pretty sad I have to admit. But I do not even get further then my grandparents; I do not even know the names of their brother’s and sisters, not even mentioning their parents. I do know that the mother of my grandfather on fathers’ side was Chinese. But that is about it. I was wondering if I find this a problem. I wanted to say that it really is a shame and I should dive a little more in the history of my family. But come to think about it I might not agree with this. Some people find that knowing their past relatives gives them a better inside into who they are. I do recognize of course that my great-grandparents have influenced my grandparents very much just as much as they have influenced my parents. Which then again has influenced me. Still I do not really see that much value into knowing so much more about the generations before my grandparents. Maybe that is because I do not feel such strong connections with my family outside of my most immediate family and my grandparents. I do like my aunts and uncles but I do not speak to them that much. I also think that a lot is being kept a secret within my family. A lot of things are just simply not spoken off. But I will visit my grandparents soon and ask about their brother and sisters and their parents. Let’s see how much more I can learn about my family.

So, I decided to put my both post into one, since that is easier and less time consuming. Therefore I will also tell you my tasks for the upcoming week:

Week 17:

*Sleep every night an hour longer then you normally do

** Look for clubs and associations in your neighbourhood and join one.

 Sleeping an hour longer then normally, most people would say that that is probably something awesome to do. I must say I do not really like it. I wake up every morning between 7 am and 8 am without an alarm clock. My biological rhythm is just so good that I do not need an alarm clock for it. However, my body does that no matter when I go to sleep. If I go to sleep at 10 at 12 but also at 4 am. Because of this I taught myself go to sleep around 12 so that I will have enough sleep but not too much. I realized that sleeping too much, so when I go to bed at 10, I am tired all day because I should not have slept so long. But I will try to do this this week. Let’s see what happens :).

Clubs and associations, this task is perfect for in about a month or two since I will be living in London then. So I am going to save this task for that moment because joining something new here doesn’t really make sense. In fact I just gave up my membership of the rowing association Saurus. So I will keep this card in my box until I have entered this great new city.

That is it for today, the little overview of my other tasks will follow next time, since I have to prepare an awesome party for tonight!

Hope you all have a lovely week,


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