Week 19: move move move, ready to start moving?

18 Jul

Week 19: move it, keep it moving

Hey you guys! How are you all doing,

Sorry you haven’t heard anything from me for two weeks. I will tell you now I have decided something. Over the summer I will only post every two weeks. It is just too difficult keeping it up while being away, trying to find a new place in London and everything else. Besides that, most of you are away on holiday anyway, so you will not have time to read my post every week. So until life is on track again, and summer is over I will just post every two weeks.

So, let’s start with the grading of the last two weeks. I think I will give it an 8. I was at my parents place for ten days and saw my family and my little niece. I must say such a sweet little creature gives a whole new perspective on life. It is really a little miracle. It made me think about the meaning of family. And how lucky my sister is has such a great supportive system in my parents. I have also visit my place of birth, which I was suppose to do for a task two or three weeks ago. I visited my grandmother and my half-sister. I really enjoyed it, it was something good to do, against my own prejudice about the town. I am also reunited with my best friend after her trip to South-Africa, which of course also gives a plus to this week.

So let’s talk about my tasks for this week:

Task 35:

Ask for the opinion of someone who is very much younger or older then you.

I am very close to my mother so whenever something is up I always ask her for advice. For this task I thought I would ask people from a different generation then my mom’s, cause that would just be too obvious. As you all know, I will move to London in August. I wanted to move in together with a friend of mine, but things are coming a little different then expected so now I am looking for a place on my own. The decision I need to make now is if I want an apartment on my own, or if I want a room in a house where I share everything else with housemates. Though call because they both have their ups and downs and I still haven’t really figured out which one I prefer better. Besides the fact that living with housemates is cheaper it also means I needs to share everything again. I don’t really want to do that again. On the other hand it does mean I immediately have some people I know in the city and who can help me out if something is up. But I do have some friends living in the city who I know from Maastricht so maybe it is not that necessary to start living with housemates again. As you can read, I just don’t know really. So I visited my grandparents and asked them for advise. After a long conversation and looking at all the up’s and down’s they advised to look for an apartment on my own. My half-sister on the other hand, who is in the generation between my parents and me, advised me to go back to a house with housemates. What was funny though is that they both said I could just try it out and move somewhere else should it all go wrong. And they said: just let it come to you. Just go and let it come to you. Which I think is the best advice, and they both gave it to me. So I will stick to that. I will just smile and let it come to me.

Task 36:

Keep a diary from now onwards. Write down three positive experiences of every day.

Yeah keeping a diary. I actually started doing it. It did took me a week and I have only written four entries. Still I started doing it and I really like it. So I will continue this.

Let’s look at my tasks for week 19 of this project.

Week 19:

* These two weeks take an hour of your time to just listen to your favorite music.

** Move. From now on, everyday spend at least half an hour, strolling, biking, walking…

Oh, I so like these tasks! First one will mean I am going to sit in my window, even if I drink a lot less, maybe I will pull myself a glass of wine and enjoy the view while listening to my favorite music. Ohhhaaaa.

The other task is also nice. I will purposefully put effort on doing this every day. Let’s see if I can keep it up.

Have a great summer holiday you all. Ill keep you updated on facebook if anything interesting happens.


Lot’s of love,


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