What? Who? Where have you been writing? – Card 20

3 Oct


Okay okay, time to do some writing!

I know it has been wayyyyy to long. I don’t know what happened, or what is happening. Seems like I cannot keep up with myself anymore. Time is flying by and my brain just doesn’t believe it goes so fast. It is very much convinced we are still somewhere in the middle of September while in the meantime we have entered October already. Where has all the time gone? Based on this I have decided to keep posting every two weeks, since I already find it difficult to keep that up and because I still need to find my true routine here.

My last three weeks have had all the ups and downs you can think of and therefore should get some average grade. However, since this week I am doing all great again since at least one big part of my life is starting to get a routine. I am finally getting used to my life at home with my new housemate, which of course always takes some getting used to. But we are great together and having a lot of fun so we are definitely getting there. Next to that my work at CPG is going better and better and I simply love it. Even though most of what I am doing at the moment is administrative stuff to support the practice, I learn so much! And next to that it totally and truly contributes to getting a much clearer idea where I want to head to in life. I never thought that was possible but it seems that at least in my head my future takes on a pretty nice and clear shape. Already just that is worth all the administrative work in the world as long as I get some minutes every time to talk to the psychologists :D. So truly happy about that.

Unfortunately (mostly for the restaurant, as they will miss out on such a great person as myself) I did not get the job at the restaurant where I went for trial. Apparently I wasn’t quick enough. No worries, I am already on the verge of finding another job, which is much better paid, more flexible and anyone who knows me can only say: of course she is doing that. Soooooo, Ill let you know how that goes but I am totally convinced I am on the right track.

Therefore therefore therefore my last week gets a 8,5. About the week before that we don’t talk any more ;).

Another British anecdote.

Oh yeah, because they are so incredibly fun and I love my life here another little anecdote of my life here. So everyone who comes to live in the UK needs to register at a GP. Which is completely free but you need to do it in order to be health insured (the basic health insurance is also free). Since I am biking every day … (You would never have guessed it but I bike here much more than in Maastricht since there I could just walk everywhere. Here I bike almost every day to the tube station / super market / café / shopping centre and twice a week half an hour to work and back) well since I am doing that every day and the people here are not as used as cyclists as Dutch people I decided after 7 weeks it would be time to register with a GP. You know, just in case someone decides to run me of my bike. Okay, so I went there and got a hundred questions asked of which about half were about how to call me and how to pronounce my name. Afterwords I got an appointments at which they again asked the same questions, messured me and checked how well I am doing. Well for those of you who did not know: apparently I am alive, I know, such a shock! Anyway, while being there I was seeing this awesome nurse who told me that back home she was a physiotherapist but that she couldn’t work like that here (huh?). We had some language barriers which I dare to say were more her fault than mine, and some of them I would like to illustrate for you guys.

First of all, which kind of gets redundant already but still, we had the question were I was from. ‘The Netherlands’ ‘huh?’ ‘Holland?’ okay, so which language did I speak? ‘Dutch’ You are from Dutch? ‘No I am from The Netherlands, I speak Dutch’ ‘huh?’ anyhow, much much much confusion. She asked me which ethnic group I belonged to, having this weird list with all these choices you know. Like the once we have stating: Caucasian, Asian, African, Afro-American, Latino or something like that. Well turns out she has one with kind of a different ethnicity for every country in the world and she wanted to classify me somewhere middle-eastern. With a list that had more middle-eastern ethnicities than any list I have ever seen put together. So I learned a lot at this GP registration, for example that ‘Dutch’ is a country in the Middle East. Right.

After much more confusion and language difficulties this conversation followed:

‘Do you smoke?’

‘No, never’



‘Good it is really unhealthy’ (Had she known anything about The Netherlands she would have never believed me)

‘How much do you drink?’

‘Two glasses a week’ (Now for those of you who do not know me or who haven’t spoken to me in a while, since January this average is actually true since I almost completely stopped drinking. As the staff of the Falstaff is well aware of since I have the shameful tendency to order tea on the terrace.)

‘You drink?’

‘Yes, two glasses a week’

‘That is very bad, very unhealthy’

‘Eh…. A week, not a day’

‘Yes, that is very bad for you. You shouldn’t do that; you are a young and educated women you should not drink. Stop drinking.’

Okaaaaaayyyyyy. So guys, I have discovered, we are young and educated people! Drinking is bad! We should stop! Two glasses a week is definitely far too much!

I can tell you I was enlightened!

To the tasks:

Maybe contradicting your believes, (at least my own) I have actually stuck to my tasks over these three weeks. Yes I am proud of myself! 😀 Let’s hear it:

Go to the library and borrow a book from a new field of interest.

As I said, I actually did not go to the library since I still have to figure out if there is a ways I can borrow from a university library here. But I have order this book an amazon called ‘The teaching of Buddha’. Now the only thing I ever knew about Buddhism was from what other people had told me about it. So this was definitely completely new for me. I read the first chapter and I love it. It is really interesting!

Make sure that from now on it always smells nicely in your home

Well I do make sure of that. I have these awesome oil burners, which I like to burn, and they make the house smell lovely. I asked this lady in the Bodyshop if they had bigger once since the water evaporates at some point and than what is left of the oil start burning. This on the contrary does not smell nice and you can easily avoid it with burners that have room for more water. She told me a little shocked I was only supposed to leave them on for 20 minutes. Well okay, completely ignoring that I just leave them on all day as long as I am in the house. So I would say this is definitely fulfilled.

Let’s look at my new tasks:

Oh oh, something aweful has happened! I truly lost Card 21 with my new tasks on it! I had already taken it with me since I wanted to write this post earlier, I actually already did wrote this post earlier and now wrote it again since I didn’t think it was accurate anymore. Okay, well, I do not want to let you all wait much longer so I will post this now and look for the card! Wish me luck!


A bit confused but still with all my love,


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